russia probe

Clapper Was 'Thinking Of Something Else' When He Lied To Congress

Politics | Julia Nista
'I didn't break the code'

Giuliani Offers A Possible End Date For Mueller's Investigation

Politics | Julia Nista
Could this be the end?

Clapper: 'It's A Good Thing' FBI Was Spying On Trump Campaign

US | Julia Nista
'May have had someone who was talking to them...'

Former Trump Aide Says He Won't Testify Before House Democrats

Politics | Julia Nista
'Absolutey not'

One Year Later, Tucker Reminds Everyone What We Got From The Mueller Probe -- A Big Fat Nothing

Media | Julia Nista
It's actually veered far off course

Report: Mueller Probe Witness Secretly Backed UAE Agenda In Congress

Politics | Henry Rodgers
Mysterious $2.5 million

Trump: 'Probe Should Never Have Been Started' - Watch Out Mueller!

Politics | Christian Datoc

Dem Rep Says House Intel Report 'Invites Another Attack'

Media | Julia Nista
Not sure how he came to that conclusion...

Schumer Calls For Nunes To Be Removed As Intel Chairman

Politics | Kerry Picket
'Chairman Nunes’ actions raise critical questions'

Wyden Threatens To Release Other Classified Info If Nunes Intel Memo Is Released

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I have a long list of less sensitive, but still classified, information...'

Cuomo Tries To Downplay Peter Strzok's Status -- But It's Not That Simple

Media | Julia Nista
'... regular'

Joe Scarborough Almost Lost His Breath Trying To Explain How Morally Righteous He Is

Media | Julia Nista
'If Mueller overreaches, we will be the first to let you know...'

Trump Allies Consider Suing The DOJ Over Mueller Investigation

Politics | Kerry Picket
'I intend to punish them for every breath they took for saying my name'

WaPo Worries About 'A New Cold War' After Months Of Russia Bashing Coverage

Opinion | Will Ricciardella
Which is it?

WaPo Buries Glaring Caveat On Latest Sessions Scoop

Opinion | Will Ricciardella
Here we go again

Media Obsessed With Trump-Russia Narrative, Dismiss Obama Culpability

Opinion | Will Ricciardella
Obama 'did nothing'

All The Fake News That's Fit To Print: Media Missteps In The Trump Era

Opinion | Will Ricciardella
The triumph of ideology over journalistic integrity

Media's Trump-Russia Obsession Crowds Out These 5 Important Stories

Opinion | Will Ricciardella
Anything and everything Russia

Senate Requests Russia Probe Surveillance Docs From FBI

Politics | Kerry Picket
Graham and Grassley look for root of FISA surveillance of Trump associates

Gowdy Grills Brennan On Evidence Of Collusion

Politics | Amber Athey
'I don't know'

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