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This Radical Imam Is Probably Regretting His Decision To Go On 'Hannity' Last Night

‘Every radical Islamist like you will be wiped off the face of the earth’

Mark Levin: Obama 'Doesn't Seem To Give A Damn' About World Unrest

‘I don’t think we’ve ever had a more pathetic commander in chief in our life’

Mark Levin Savages Jon Stewart Over 'Putrid' Israel Segment: 'Read Up, Ivy League Boy!'

‘I would like to educate Jon Stewart and his clapping seal studio audience . . . ‘

FEC Chair: Government May Soon Move To Limit Conservative Media

U.S. President Barack Obama looks at a computer with youths as he tours the Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation Youth Centre and takes part in a health event in Cape Town

‘Impulses in the government every day to second guess and look into the editorial decisions’

Cuomo: 'I was not saying anyone should leave the state'

New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo delivers his fourth State of the State address from the New York State Capitol in Albany, New York

Last month Cuomo said ‘extreme conservatives’ have ‘no place in the state of New York’

The Mirror Questionnaire with Sydney Elaine Leathers


Anthony Weiner’s sexting partner answers our questions

Morning Mirror


Tech experts: Working Obamacare site should have cost at most '$5 million to $10 million'

'None of these contractors are ever held accountable for delivering such crap'

Coulter: Obama-Iran nuke deal the latest in Democratic presidential foreign crisis-making

Says attack on Iran ‘wouldn’t have been a terrible mistake’

Former NYPD detective: Media suppressing racial, anti-Semitic elements behind 'Knockout' game

Says press ignoring a public safety issue over racial aspects

Old 'Crossfire' reunion: Carlson, Carville debate Obamacare on Fox News


Two former CNN contributors appear on ‘Hannity’ for first time since the show’s 2005 cancelation

See which big-name Republicans Coulter called 'hucksters'

‘The problem is we have hucksters, shysters, people running off the Republican Party for their own self-aggrandizement’

'I'm Sick Of These Guys'


Conservative talker says he’s sick of the Republican establishment

Hannity: Time to replace Boehner as House Speaker


Conservative talker expresses dissatisfaction with the Republican Party

Coulter: GOP in better position with current government shutdown than 1995

‘Usually, I’m against the government shutdown’

Hannity: Harry Reid a 'sick twisted old man'

‘Pretty heartless. I got to tell you. Pretty sick’

How is Ted Cruz like Ronald Reagan?


Conservative talker questions motivations of Republicans attacking the Texas senator

Buchanan, Powers wrangle over GOP effort to defund Obamacare


Left-leaning Fox News analyst attacks host Sean Hannity for leading people ‘down a crazy little path’

Hannity fires Cumulus

TV-Hannity Fight.JPEG

Conservative talker says goodbye amid Michael Savage reports