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New Book '#DUPED' Shoots Down All Of Hogg's Rhetoric

US | Molly Prince
'You can listen to David Hogg ... but they are wrong'

NJ Gov Shows Exactly How Much He Hates The Bill Of Rights With 2,400 Percent Tax Increase On Guns

Politics | Molly Prince
The governor has already signed six anti-gun measures

New Report Shows U.S. Has More Guns Than People

US | Molly Prince
Over 1.2 firearms for every person

NJ Governor Uses Art Festival Shooting As Call For Gun Control

Politics | Molly Prince
He ignored shooter's early prison release and violent past

Supreme Court Strikes Down Law That Targeted Gun Owners’ Speech

You have the right to vote if you are wearing a Tea Party or NRA shirt

Good Guy With A Gun Stops Bad Guy With A Gun At Walmart

US | Molly Prince

The Wisdom Of The Founding Fathers Is Clear This Father's Day

Guns and Gear | Guns and Gear
Especially when it comes to the 27 words of the Second Amendment

Man Allegedly Slaughtered With Hatchet After Killer Was Denied Gun

Guns and Gear | Molly Prince
Previously arrested near White House

Conservative Shareholder Grills CEO Of Dick's Sporting Goods For Pushing Anti-Gun Propaganda

US | Molly Prince
'You've now alienated them'

Firearms Thwarted Alleged Carjacker Two Separate Times

US | Molly Prince
'I'm glad I had [my gun] on me'

Students Lead Anti-Gun Die-In, Storm Ted Cruz's Office

US | Molly Prince
Some face arrest

Credit Card Payments Abruptly Stopped On Some Gun-Related Purchases

Guns and Gear | Molly Prince
This isn't even the first time

Twitter Targets Conservative Over Guns And Gender Tweet, Removes Photo For 'Targeted Harassment'

Politics | Kyle Morris

Why I Joined the NRA After Writing Gun Control Articles

op-ed | H. A. Goodman
I joined the NRA and Gun Owners of America because the groupthink that I once spewed hurts law-abiding citizens

Convicted Thief Sues After Store Owner Shoots Him During Liquor Store Robbery

US | David Hookstead

Texas Lt. Gov. Said Parents And Students Told Him To 'Arm Our Teachers' After Shooting

US | Mike Brest
'They all said we want to arm our teachers.'

Gun Rights Groups Face-Off Against ATF Over Bump Stock Ban

US | Terry Haynes
The ATF aims to alter America's gun laws

Here's Why A Kent State Grad Was Able To Open Carry An AR-15 On Campus

Education | Rob Shimshock
'Joined the ranks of our proud graduates'

California High School Insists Student ‘Promoting Violence’ With Pro-Gun Rights Flag

Education | Rob Shimshock
'I don't get how this is promoting violence, just by supporting the Constitution'

Illinois Counties Embraces 'Sanctuary' Policy For Gun Owners

US | Nick Givas
'It’s a buzzword, a word that really gets attention'

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