EXCLUSIVE: This Is Ivanka Trump's Secret Service Name

Elections | Kaitlan Collins
WASHINGTON, DC - SEPTEMBER 20:  Ivanka Trump, daughter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, visits with women GOP members of Congress at the Republican National Committee headquarters on Capitol Hill September 20, 2016 in Washington, DC. In an effort to reach out to women voters, Trump met with the female politicians to promote her father's proposals on child care.  (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Trump’s daughter got her own security detail this week

The New Praetorian Guard

Opinion | Greg Archetto
Secret Service Officers protect POTUS (photo: Getty Images)

Our government has morphed into an aristocratic ruling class, and a new Praetorian Guard has emerged

Tim Kaine Has The Most Unfitting Secret Service Codename Possible

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Tim Kaine and Evel Knievel [Mark Wilson/Getty Images/YouTube screenshot]

He’s born for danger!

Secret Service: 'No Specific, Credible' Threats Facing Republican Convention

Elections | Steve Guest

‘But we, of course, get timely information’

White House Video Shows Suspect With Gun Shot By Secret Service

Daily Caller News Foundation | Steve Birr
White House security footage shows Secret Service shooting intruder. Screenshot/Twitter/@nezrataylor

Suspect faces 20 years in prison

Glenn Beck: Facebook Commenters 'Need To Be Reported To The Secret Service'

Tech | Christian Datoc

‘They are a waste of brain matter’

Report: Russian Hackers Infiltrate Clinton Foundation

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ted Goodman
Former President Bill Clinton (L) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (C) watch their daughter and Vice Chair of the Clinton Foundation Chelsea Clinton. (Reuters/Samantha Sais) / Reuters

‘Sophisticated hackers were attempting to penetrate their computers’

Watch Secret Service Subdue Protesters At A Bernie Rally

Elections | Steve Guest

One rally attendee is overheard saying, ‘That’s the only time ever I thank the police’

The Secret Service Is Building A Taller Fence To Keep Out Intruders

Daily Caller News Foundation | Steve Birr
The White House. (Credit: Svetlana Larina/Shuttershock)

‘We have now a society that tends to want to jump over the fence’

Purse Robbery In DC Ends With White House Lock Down

Daily Caller News Foundation | Steve Birr
White House Fence. (Credit: Orhan Cam/Shuttershock)

‘Thought I was going to have to throw the coffee in his face’

Nobody Wants To Take A Bullet For The President Anymore

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Racism, right?

Droves Of Weed Activists Roll Up To The White House To Protest Obama's Inaction

Daily Caller News Foundation | Connor D. Wolf and Steve Birr
Weed Protest At White House (Connor D. Wolf)

‘The real crime here is the president’s inaction and frankly, the American people deserve – and thought they elected – better’

Secret Service Shoots Down Open Carry At GOP Convention

Elections | Steve Guest
ROMULUS, MI - APRIL 27: Gloria Lincoln-Thompson of Garden City, Michigan carries her Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm pistol in her belt while participating in a rally and march supporting Michigan's Open Carry law April 27, 2014 in Romulus, Michigan. The march was held to attempt to demonstrate to the general public what the typical open carrier is like. (Photo by Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

‘Only authorized law enforcement personnel’ will be allowed to carry firearms

Secret Service Warns: 'Watch What You Say On Social Media!'

Politics | Alex Pappas
The White House as seen from behind the North Lawn fence in Washington

Man joked: ‘Where do we send the bomb?’

Bernie Supporter Explains Why He Rushed At Trump

Elections | Derek Hunter

Says he wanted to show others if he’s not afraid to stand up, others shouldn’t be

Secret Service In Trouble Yet Again

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ethan Barton
Obama Bans Solitary Confinement For Juvenile Prisoners (Getty Images)

‘A single missed transmission or delay could result in a national incident.’

Secret Service Didn't Learn From 2011 White House Shooting, Report Finds

Daily Caller News Foundation | Kathryn Watson
Secret Service members failed to adequately learn from their mistakes after a 2011 shooting, a new report says. 
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Officials failed to conduct an after-action review of how they missed a bullet that struck the White House for four days.

STOLEN: Secret Service Agent's Gun, Flash Drive, Badge, Radio, Handcuffs

Daily Caller News Foundation | Kathryn Watson

The theft occurred in broad daylight

‘Cash For Dem Hoes -- Check,’ And More Disturbing New Details In Secret Service Scandals

Daily Caller News Foundation | Kathryn Watson
Colombian prostitute

The latest details in the Secret Service scandal spark bipartisan anger in Congress.