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Virginia Republican boss: Opposition to amnesty is based on fear of 'the Other'

Uncomfortable with ‘The Other’

Unions now accompany feds on safety inspections at non-union businesses

SEIU Obama Cleveland paid protester

Obama admin accused of violating law with rule clarification

Taxpayer funding for politics is a scandal for politicians, but not for labor


Paycheck protection is the key to breaking the government-union power cycle

Today's fast-food strike reveals big labor's decline -- and desperation

Fast Food Protests.JPEG

Since nobody joins unions anymore, the labor left tries a new organizational strategy

Bill de Blasio's radical socialist ties

NYC Mayors Race DeBlasio.JPEG

ACORN, SEIU, Sandinista sympathizers — it’s an alphabet soup of leftism.

CRUEL SHOES! Fast-food workers' complaints sound strangely similar

APTOPIX Fast Foods Protests

Have they been coached?

Obamacare's unsavory navigators

A man looks over the Affordable Care Act signup page on the website in New York in this photo illustration

A fugitive and several ‘undocumented’ workers, paid for by ROC and your taxpayer dollars.

A Big Nothingburger

Very few fast-food employees strike

SEIU pushes seven-figure ad campaign for immigration reform


Big labor calls for immigration reform to pass

Chavez celebrated at SEIU offices in New York

Hugo Chavez

‘The revolution will continue until there is liberation for all’

SEIU implicated in voter fraud case - TheDC

SEIU voter fraud Haynes

Unions unsuccessfully backed Democrat critical of Gov. Scott Walker’s labor policies

Dozen arrested at Thanksgiving SEIU Los Angeles airport protest - TheDC

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 01: Protesters march at Los Angeles International Airport during a May Day march earlier this year. (Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Illegal protest delays travelers on busiest travel day of the year

McMahon campaign workers wear shirts similar to SEIU shirts, continue to encourage ticket splitting - TheDC

Linda McMahon

‘It clearly is a rip off of our shirts’

Former SEIU organizer: I was 'required' to do 'political work' - TheDC

Videotaped statement implicates service workers’ union in forced political advocacy

SEIU paid anti-Romney protesters $11/hour in Ohio - TheDC

SEIU Obama Cleveland paid protester

Protesters chanted: ‘We don’t need no bad economy’

Book: Obamacare law designed to unionize 21 million health care workers - TheDC

Health Care Workers Rally For Health Care Reform

‘Big Labor is banking on the probability that all healthcare workers eventually become federal, state, and municipal healthcare employees’

Left banks with SEIU

The interesting history of the SEIU’s Amalgamated Bank.

Nursing home company says SEIU workers intentionally endangered residents before strike - TheDC

HealthBridge SEIU Strike

Patients’ ID wrist bands and dietary restriction tags removed as AG, gov. join picket line

Lobbyists await verdict on Obamacare after big-budget spending war - TheDCNF


Sunlight Foundation: Obamacare supporters spent $62 million lobbying this cycle, opponents spent $42 million

Supreme Court rules 7-2 against SEIU - TheDCNF


The decision is a massive blow to government unions’ political power