Socialists, Big Labor Behind ‘Head Tax’ That Punishes Seattle Businesses For Hiring

Business | Tim Pearce
The message was 'clear'

Teamsters Spend Over A Week On Chicago's Navy Pier Protesting Another Union

US | Ted Goodman
'Standing in the street, physically blocking delivery trucks'

'Fight For $15' Leader Claims He's Not Paid To Protest -- Actually Paid Six Figures By Labor Union

Politics | Peter Hasson
'Please don't record me'

Republican Lawmakers Target Obama-Era Union Rule For Elimination

US | Ted Goodman
Critics say it is a gift to unions from the Obama administration

SEIU Takes On McDonald's For Making Its Franchisees Pay Rent

Business | Ted Goodman
'McDonald’s is luring potential franchisees'

Big Labor Spent More Than $1.7 Billion During 2016 Election Campaign

Politics | Ted Goodman
The money poured in

After Gargantuan SEIU Spending Campaign Failed To Get Hillary Elected, Layoffs On The Horizon

Politics | Ted Goodman
The powerful union spent an additional $19 million on the Fight for $15

Liberal Groups Threaten Primary Challenges Over Gorsuch Support

Politics | Kevin Daley
'We need you to do better'

Fast-Food Workers Defend Trump's Pick For Labor Secretary

Business | Ted Goodman
'You're never going to make everybody happy, never'

NLRB: Adjuncts Can Join Union, UNLESS They Teach Religion

Education | Ted Goodman
If you teach religion, have a seat

National Union Bosses Ignore Member Support For Trump, Endorse Clinton Instead

Business | Ted Goodman

Green Billionaire Joins Infamous Labor Union In Fight To Defeat Trump

Elections | Chris White
'Stopping the party of Trump is our number one priority this year'

The SEIU Medicaid Scam

Opinion | Paige Halper
Why Minnesota governor Mark Dayton tried to rob homecare workers of Medicaid subsidies

Unions Push To Protect Themselves In Government Bankruptcy

Opinion | Kevin Glass
The best outcome for unions is for the government to prioritize debt obligations to government union pension funds.

Regulators Take Note: 'Fight for $15 And A Union' Begins Public Pivot To 'And A Union'

Opinion | Ryan Williams
The SEIU has begun priming the press and public for the next phase, union representation.

This Union Wants To Legalize Medical Marijuana

US | Guy Bentley
One of the nation's largest unions backs medical marijuana

Union Bosses' Political Machine Even Bigger Than They Admit

Opinion | Stan Greer
Big Labor controls the largest political machine in America.

Union Organizer Tweets Support For Dead Carjacker Who Shot Two Cops

US | Rusty Weiss
Up until the cops showed up, the union rep wrote, 'everyone was alive and unharmed'

Will The Obama NLRB Kill The Golden Arches' Golden Opportunities?

Opinion | Ken Sondik
Don’t count on McDonald’s getting a fair shake.

Cuomo's Error Not The First In Targeting Fast Food Industry

Opinion | Ryan Williams
The embarrassment was swift Governor Andrew Cuomo.

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