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Sarah Paulson Says She Got Drunk Before Filming Famous Snake Sex Scene [VIDEO]

(Photo: YouTube screen capture)

‘It was the most action I’d had in a long time’

The 2014 Emmy Awards Nominations Are Here


And the nominees are …

Jennifer Lawrence Got So Drunk She Puked At Madonna's Oscars After-Party

Stars! They’re kinda like us

Morning Mirror

morning mirror 7 x 3-2

NBC host GUSHES over Rachel Maddow: 'You're like basically my dream woman'

Seth Meyers is making a strong case he is most liberal late night host

Is this the FUNNIEST Joe Biden joke of all time?

Seth Meyers nails the vice president

Seth Meyers disses Joe Biden

Joe Biden

Biden just can’t get no respect

'Marco Rubio' explains post-SOTU water incident on 'SNL' [VIDEO]

‘You’re about to give an important policy speech. You get a little nervous’

Trump Strikes Back - TheDC

‘I thought Seth Meyers, frankly his delivery was not good, he’s a stutterer and he really was having a hard time’

Hollywood Political Watch: Shutdown edition - TheDC

Paltrow opposes budget, Baldwin likes free elections but confuses nuclear power with nuclear bombs, and Jolie incites a riot