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Humane Society Of The United States Attempts To Drive Hunters, Shooters From Public Lands


Human Society morphs into extreme ammo banning, anti-hunting group

Basic Handgun Draw And Meditation Drill


Home practice drill brings results – video and text instruction

Suspected Killer Of Six People To Appear In Texas Court

Texas-Apartment Shooting.JPEG

Ronald Lee Haskell is suspected of killing two boys and their parents

Shooting With Corrective Lenses: Bad Eyesight And Concealed Carry


Do you see the sights or see the target?

At Least 10 People Shot In Liberty City, Miami

Miami Police

‘She was shot about four or five times’

Julie Golob: 5 Tips For Transitioning To Heavier Triggers


Advice from the shooter that obliterates the X ring

Do you make these 3 firearms training mistakes?

The good trigger and sights allow real accuracy with these guns. I made no adjustment to get this well centered up group. Ten shots Ten yards Standing, Two magazines.

Become a better shot right away

Velocity myths vs. facts


Here is why your bullets don’t fly as fast as advertised

Shot Show 2014 Gear: Thermal imaging for the shooting masses

FLIR ThermoSight R_series Hog_InstAlert_Low Res

ThermoSight means you own the night

Texting in a movie theater got this man shot by an ex-cop

Police tape surrounds the Cobb Grove 16 movie theater in Wesley Chapel

‘Somebody throws popcorn, I’m not sure who threw the popcorn, and, bang, he was shot’

DC Police, Secret Service investigating drive-by shooting just steps from White House

Cold Snap Washington.JPEG

Just across the street from heavy Secret Service presence

Student attacks campus police, officer shoots and kills student

Liberty University Shooting

Fight reportedly happened early Tuesday morning at an all-girls residence hall

Campus's no-guns policy fails to deter dangerous gunman, somehow

Gun free zone

Criminal has gun, even in gun free zone

America’s new target shooters: Younger, female and urban - National Shooting Sports Foundation

Gun Permit Database.JPEG

66 percent of new shooters fall into the 18-to-34-year-old demographic

Shooting rampage at North Carolina law firm, Wal-Mart injures 4


Greenville gunman gets shot in the face by police

Locked and Loaded: Are we ready to engage? - The Shooting Channel


“It is the uncertainty of the next moments in our lives that we must be trained and ready for”

Stand and Defend: Why a shooters stance or position is important for self-defense - The Shooting Channel


“Stay Trained, Stay Armed, Stay Prepared”

Gals, gunpowder and good times - Women's Outdoor News


“I can carry my firearm without second-guessing myself”

NRA Programs’ growth fueled by increased interest in firearms - NRA


“Nearly four million youth were taught proper firearms use in 2012″

IDPA: Colorado shooting competition canceled in wake of new gun control laws - IDPA

idpa logo

The 2013 Ruger Rimfire Challenge World Championship already cancelled