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Plastic bag ban leads to nationwide increase in shoplifting rates

‘We are getting a new type of offender that is taking advantage of the system’

Dale Peterson busted for shoplifting 'CASHEWS?!'

‘Authorities said Peterson ate a can of cashew nuts, put the empty can back on the store shelf and walked out’

Did a Portland couple shoplift $5 million worth of groceries? - TIME

Safeway claims one sticky-fingered Oregon duo lifted everything from shampoo to DVDs over a span of many years

Man paid his bail with counterfeit cash - Philadelphia Daily News

Theft suspect claims the money came from gambling winnings

Robbers and retribution - NY Daily News

Asian storeowners in Brooklyn deter to public humiliation as punishment for robberies

Shoplifters in Queens must smile for the camera - NYT

A Queens grocery store has a unique way of dealing with shoplifters that tests civil and legal rights

Police look for man who stole $600 in Rogaine - AOL News

A man, with no apparent baldness, is wanted in Pennsylvania for stealing $600 worth of Rogaine