Junk Food Stamps

Opinion | Chris Edwards
Salty Snacks

The food stamp program is one of the government’s biggest hypocrisies.

Congress Is Great At Manufacturing One Thing: Crises

Opinion | Neil Siefring
John Boehner returns to his office after a visit to the House floor for procedural votes for legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security at the Capitol in Washington

Waiting until the last minute to pass unimaginative legislation perpetuates our nation’s problems

DC Has A Bigger Welfare State Than Any European Country Besides Denmark

Opinion | Michael Tanner and Charles Hughes
U.S. Bureau Of Engraving And Printing Oversees Dollar Bill Production

The District’s welfare system has a poor track record of helping people transition to work.

Reducing Government Dependency Is A Good Thing

Opinion | Kristina Ribali
LePage Moving Out.JPEG

Its time to end waivers for work-for-welfare arrangements.