Boise State University Students Debate Firing Professor Who Criticized Feminism

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BUDAPEST, HUNGARY - JULY 11.Unidentified boy took part in the 20. Budapest Gay Pride parade to support the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) rights on July 11 2015 in Budapest, Hungary. (Credit: posztos /

The professor penned a controversial article criticizing intersectional feminism and trans activism.

Activism Is Lucrative: Bill Nye And Shaun King Receive Five-Figure Paychecks For Speeches

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Warner Bros. Premiere Of "The Astronaut Farmer" - Arrivals

Bill Nye received over $40,000 for a 135-minute appearance at the University of Alaska.

Cornell University Passes Vague Resolution Condemning 'Hate Speech'

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Free speech [Shutterstock/Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley]

It remains unclear what “hate speech” actually is.

"The Social Justice Warrior Handbook" Review: It's Hard To Tell Parody From Reality

Opinion | Christopher R. Barron
Demonstrators calling for social, economic and racial justice march in New York May 1, 2015. REUTERS/Darren Ornitz

The book is an important reminder that sometimes comedy is a more potent weapon than scorched-earth politics.

University Of Michigan Student Kneels For Almost A Day To Protest 'All Inequality'

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Black Lives Matter Getty Images/DANIEL LEAL-OLIVA

The student decided to ‘start a conversation’ by kneeling by text that read ‘Black Lives Matter’

Clemson Student Senators Protest Trump By Sitting During The Pledge Of Allegiance

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A building at Clemson University (Photo Credit: YouTube/Teddy Giard)

The student senators showed solidarity with NFL players who took a knee during the national anthem.

University Of Washington Study Links 'Microaggressions' To Actual Racism In White Students

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Black Trans Lives Matter Protest on City Hall Columbus Ohio (YouTube Screenshot)

The study claims that people who are offended by microaggressions are actual victims of racism.

Progressive Students 'Freaked Out' By Beach Ball At Southern Illinois University

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Censorship is occurring across the world as countries step up their battles against "hate speech." [Shutterstock - Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley]

Leftist students complained that a ‘free speech ball’ was scaring them

Jeff Sessions To Deliver Body Blow Against University Safe Spaces

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U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions (R) speaks as Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats (L) listens during an event at the Justice Department August 4, 2017 in Washington, DC. Sessions held the event to discuss "leaks of classified material threatening national security." (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

This will be a full-on assault of political correctness

Tech CEO Isaac Schlueter Calls For Fewer White Men In Tech

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Boy using social media on his computer. [Shutterstock - Elena Sherengovskaya]

The self-described “social justice warrior” also expressed support for Antifa.

Wes Anderson's New Animated Film Accused Of Whitewashing Asian Roles

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Wes Anderson's Isle of Dogs (Screenshot: YouTube)

Social justice warriors need a reminder that Japanese people are not dogs

Cornell University Makes Life Comfortable For Activist Squatters

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YouTube screenshot/Cornell University

The activists demand required coursework on ‘privilege and power,’ among other things.

'White Privilege' And The Oppression Economy

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Child Crying (Credit: Lopolo/Shutterstock)

The oppression economy banks on professional victimhood and imaginary struggles.

Middlebury College Policy Rewards Censorship And Makes Violent Threats Effective

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Censorship is occurring across the world as countries step up their battles against "hate speech." [Shutterstock - Marcos Mesa Sam Wordley]

Students can merely threaten violence towards a speaker they dislike to shut down what they say.

Rose City Comic Con Bans Marvel's 'Hydra' And Other Nazi Characters

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Red Skull in Secret Empire (Screenshot: YouTube)

The convention says it will not tolerate Nazis, because such costumes are “inappropriate.”

University Slammed For Defending Professor Who Made A Case For Colonialism

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nervous young woman with adhesive tape over her mouth promoting censorship (Shutterstock/Vladimir Gjorgiev)

The professor faces professional blacklisting for exploring colonialism’s positives.

Leftist Politics In Video Games May Be Hurting The Game Developers Conference

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Woman playing videogames (Shutterstock/Kar Tr)

Students are showing an active disinterest in the annual GDC event

Evergreen State College Settles 'Day Of Absence' Lawsuit With Professor Bret Weinstein

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Bret Weinstein YouTube screenshot/Fox News

Evergreen State College has settled its expensive lawsuit with the professor who stood up to SJWs.

Libertarian Journalist Who Was Doxed And Harassed By SJWs Never Received Media Attention Or Justice

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Hacker at a keyboard (Photo: Shutterstock/welcomia)

The media didn’t cover her story because she didn’t tick the right ideological boxes.