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Growing Solar Panel Use Poses Huge Safety Risk For Firefighters

Firefighters battle the so-called Poinsettia Fire in Carlsbad, California

Solar panels electrocute firefighters, collapse rooftops

Europe's Green Energy Industry Faces Collapse As Subsidies Are Cut

A German national flag is pictured in front of solar panels in Bad Hersfeld

Solar faces huge problems in Germany, Italy, Spain

Indian Government Promises Enough Solar Energy To Power A Light Bulb In Every Home

Hindu nationalist Modi, prime ministerial candidate for India's main opposition BJP, gestures as he arrives to seek blessings from his mother Heeraben at her residence in Gandhinagar

‘The potential to completely transform the way we look at the energy space’

White House Solar Panels Produce Less Than 2 Percent Of Its Energy Needs

White House solar panels

‘It’s a clear sign of our commitment to energy efficiency’

UK Scraps Subsidies To Solar Farms 'Blighting' The Countryside

A worker inspects solar panels at a solar farm in Dunhuang

Solar industry ‘dismayed’

White House to use executive orders to aid the solar industry

President Obama makes remarks during an Easter prayer breakfast in the East Room of the White House in Washington

‘The President is committed to continuing the momentum’

Airplane pilots hit by 'nearly blinding' glare from massive Calif. solar facility

Heliostats reflect sunlight onto boilers in towers during the grand opening of the Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System in the Mojave Desert near the California-Nevada border

‘When you move, it goes away’

Which Big Green industry is really sucking in Colorado?

A worker inspects solar panels at a solar farm in Dunhuang

State leaders need to ‘do more’

Report: Obama's solar energy revolution failing to take hold

File photo of worker inspecting solar panels at a solar farm in Dunhuang

”Nobody’s going to break ground’

Google, KKR invest $400 million in six U.S. solar power plants


They will be in service by January of next year.

White House goes Green under O

Obamas Dancing (White House Photo)

‘Better late than never’

Minnesota legislature agrees to imposing costly solar power mandate

Solar Panels

‘It’s a big trade off’

Warren Buffett continues his solar project buying spree - TheDCNF


Acquisition adds to Buffett’s expanding renewable energy portfolio

Critics attack US tariffs against Chinese solar manufacturers

China US Solar Dispute

Commerce Department’s final ruling likely to raise tensions with China

China slows solar, wind expansion undermining White House green PR strategy - TheDC

China US Solar Investigation

‘It is getting tougher and tougher for the Obama administration to argue that somehow we’re in this big race for green power worldwide’

Once the world's largest solar firm, Q-Cells files for bankruptcy - TheDC

First Solar

Once the world’s largest solar firm, Q-Cells files for bankruptcy

The real story of solar and American energy policy

The solar energy industry is alive and thriving in the U.S., and it’s not as heavily subsidized as many people believe.

More solar companies led by Democratic donors received federal loan guarantees - TheDC

Ken Salazar Tours SunPower Research And Development Facility In California

White House won’t answer questions, deflects to Democratic National Committee

Promises, Promises: White House solar panels are no-shows - AP


Obama has yet to fulfill promise to put in solar panels back on White House

Edmund Burke and silver buckshot

A conservative plan for curbing global warming.