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The Fall Of Paige Patterson, Part Three: Hell Hath No Fury ...

US | Joshua Gill
'Judgment will begin at the house of God'

Southern Baptists Pass Resolutions On Abuse And Dignity Of Women In Wake Of Abuse Scandal

US | Joshua Gill
'We strongly urge abuse victims to contact civil authorities, separate from their abusers'

Pence Praises Southern Baptists For Renewing America And Preaching Christ

US | Joshua Gill
'Preach the word. In season and out of season.'

New Southern Baptist Convention President Urges Cultural Change, Supports Women In Leadership

US | Joshua Gill
'There are things about our culture that grieve the Holy Spirit'

The Fall Of The Southern Baptist Convention's Paige Patterson Part 2: We Shall Make Them In Our Image

US | Joshua Gill
'Driving out liberals and reshaping the Baptist faith and message was never enough'

The Fall Of Southern Baptist Paige Patterson Part One: Lion Of The Convention

US | Joshua Gill
'That is not only the height of hubris, I would call it absolutely ungodly'

Baptist Seminary Fires Ousted President Over New Evidence In Sexual Abuse Case

World | Joshua Gill
'Handling of an allegation of sexual abuse against a student'

Southern Baptist Denomination Severs Ties With DC Baptists Over Homosexuality

US | Joshua Gill
'Affirmed a lesbian couple as co-pastors'

Prominent Baptist Seminary President Removed After His Teaching On Abuse Surfaces

US | Joshua Gill
'Dr. Patterson has complied with reporting laws regarding assault'

Over 2,000 Women Demand Resignation Of President Of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

World | Joshua Gill
'Dangerous and unwise counsel'

Top Southern Baptist Leader Resigns Over 'Morally Inappropriate Relationship'

US | Joshua Gill
'This is a shock to many of us'

Sutherland Springs Church Will Be Demolished

US | Joshua Gill
'Too stark of a reminder'

Christian Leaders Announce Unprecedented Initiative To Reform 'Devastating' US Criminal Justice System

US | Joshua Gill
'The time has come to fix our criminal justice system'

Southern Baptists Pass Resolution Condemning Alt-Right

US | Joshua Gill
'We denounce and repudiate white supremacy'

Southern Baptists Vote Down Confederate Flag

US | Joshua Delk
'We call our brothers and sisters in Christ to discontinue the display of the Confederate battle flag'

Southern Baptists Consider Banning Confederate Battle Flags

US | Amber Randall
'The SBC supported the Confederacy and was emotionally and philosophically attached to the Confederacy'

Donald Trump's MASSIVE Problem With Southern Baptist Leaders Isn't Going Away

Elections | Eric Owens
Trump's explanation of who 'Jesus is' this week may not help

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