Stop The Stall -- It's Time To Get Energetic About Energy

op-ed | Steve Goreham
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Let’s return to the real underlying energy drivers

Stanford Business School Launches 'Gender and Racial Inclusivity' Course

Education | Grace Carr
A graduating student (Shutterstock/fotoinfot)

‘Feelings of belonging’

Students Can't Remember A Past They Never Learned

Opinion | Pete Hoekstra
An image distributed by Islamic State militants on social media on August 25, 2015 purports to show the destruction of a Roman-era temple in the ancient Syrian city of Palmyra. REUTERS/Social Media/Files

Wars have been fought and won to ensure that students and faculty can celebrate “multiculturalism” and “inclusiveness”

Stanford Paper Attacking E-Cigarette Advocates Is Riddled With Factual Errors

Daily Vaper | Guy Bentley
E-cigarettes hang displayed in a tobacco shop in New York, June 23, 2015. REUTERS/Lucas Jackson

Stanford Research slammed by pro-vaping advocates

This Insane Touchdown Catch Might Be The College Football Play Of The Year

Sports | David Hookstead

You need to see it to believe it

College application season reveals worrying trend - Forbes

US | interns

As elite colleges become more and more competitive, high school drop-out rates increase

Stanford accused of giving student athletes list of 'easy' classes - The Stanford Daily

| interns

The University denies claims that it encouraged athletes to take ‘easier’ courses

Arizona shooting slows, touches sports - NYT

Sports | Laura Donovan

Saturday’s Tucson, Ariz. shooting has led many Arizona sports teams to delay scheduled matches and have moments of silence during games

The Stanford Prison Experiment at America's airports

Opinion | Theo Caldwell

It’s human nature to abuse authority, which is what TSA agents are doing.

TCU-Utah, Alabama-LSU, Cam Newton top Week 10 BCS stories - SI

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

The 10 things Sports Illustrated is buzzing about as the Big East continues to court Villanova

The 32 greatest sportscasting calls - SI

Sports | interns

Do you believe in miracles? YES!

College football is better late than ever - LAT

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

You might have missed it, given the vagaries of late kickoffs and early deadlines, but some of the best and biggest moments of this season are happening (long) after dark

Pyramids, nanowires show two futures for artificial skin - Wired

Tech | Chad Brady (admin)

Research teams at Berkeley and Stanford recently announced breakthroughs in producing highly touch-sensitive artificial skin

Court fails to protect software from out-of-control patent system - E21

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In an interview with ABC News on Sunday, David Axelrod, the president’s chief political advisor, touted patent reform as a potential spur to innovation and job creation. But it’s not clear that the patent backed by the White House nearly enough to tackle our out-of-control patent system. There’s a patent war going on in the cell phone industry, and virtually all of the major manufacturers are involved

Pac-10 reaches 12 teams by adding Utes - Salt Lake Tribune

Sports | interns

The University of Utah is officially part of the Pac-10

Pac-10 is now 11 - SF Chronicle

Sports | interns

Colorado joined the Pac-10 on Thursday, marking the first addition to the conference since the Arizona schools joined in 1978