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Starbucks reaches deal to bring single-cup pods to Keurig users - AP

Starbucks has been looking to beef up its presence in the fast-growing single-cup coffee market

Food police: Mika Brzezinski insisting show sponsor Starbucks 'make a teen drink with lower caffeine' - TheDC

‘Morning Joe’ co-host attacks show sponsor and expresses concern over ‘teens juicing up on caffeine and getting over-caffeinated’

Empire State or Nanny State: Suffolk should not ban energy drinks

A New York county is considering banning energy drinks. That would be a mistake.

Pay for Starbucks by waving your phone - NYT

Customers can now purchase their lattes by scanning an iPhone or BlackBerry

Starbucks introducing 'Trenta' cup - ABC News

Starbucks will soon offer a ‘Trenta’ cup, seven ounces larger than the ‘Venti’

2011 -- The year in review

So much has happened in the last week, waiting 51 more weeks before writing a “year in review” column would be wrong.

Starbucks debuts wordless logo - NYDN

Who needs text? When you’re Starbucks, your siren logo can stand alone

Mika Brzezinski: Let Them Eat Starbucks! - TheDC

‘Morning Joe’ co-host rips nutritional content of McDonald’s, a direct competitor of her shows sponsor

Starbucks to double the rate of store openings - Bloomberg

Despite the current economy, the coffee powerhouse plans to double the rate at which they open a store — to more than the once a day average

Labor impasse looms over NFL's return to L.A. - Fox Business

Because of the uncertainty created for all parties by the labor standoff, it’s highly unlikely a deal to bring football back to L.A. will get done before a new agreement

Coffee conglomerate slows down - The Atlantic

Starbucks proposes a new strategy to baristas, advising them to slow down and increase coffee making theatrics

Starbucks hikes drink prices due to soaring coffee cost - CNN

The coffee giant is set to pass on its expenses to consumers

Five days by Reagan ranch

Americans will redeem themselves at the ballot box in November.

Bedbugs take Manhattan - NYT

Beyond the bites and the itching, the bother and the expense, victims of the nation’s most recent plague are finding that an invisible scourge awaits them in the form of bedbug stigma

Java Divas: 'Where Hooters meets Starbucks' - TheDC

Unlike at other jobs, the employees of Java Divas never have to worry about being scolded for wearing outfits that are too risque

Starbucks offering free Wi-Fi - NY Times

Free Wi-Fi goes into effect July 1 at all locations

Starbucks: Free Wi-Fi at 6,700 US sites - AP

Starting July 1, Starbucks will begin offering unlimited free wireless Internet at all US location in an effort to bring in more customers

Did capitalism or government fail us?

The inevitable pictures of pelicans covered in oil finally surfaced, solidifying this oil spill as the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history. We have not seen this many pictures of unintelligent animals covered in oil since the first season of “Jersey Shore”

Man busted for selling cocaine at Starbucks - UPI

Chicago police arrest man for carrying over 100 grams of cocaine that he was selling at a Starbucks

Another ‘never again’ moment

If government insists upon regulating everything except itself, then those energies should be directed at a rather loud and rude killer: cell phones