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Cantor's personal war on conservatives

Eric Cantor and John Boehner on July 14, 2011 in Washington, D.C. Getty Images.

‘House of Cards’ allegations rile the right

A three-year Obamacare moratorium

U.S. President Obama pauses while talking about the Affordable Care Act at the White House in Washington

A simple GOP campaign idea.

Is DC launching a full-on assault on conservatives?

Paul Ryan. Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images.

Activists pushing back

Conservatives praise ousted GOP staffer Paul Teller

The U.S. Capitol building is seen on Tuesday morning after the federal government was shutdown when the House and Senate failed to pass a budget in Washington

Teller is longtime executive director of conservative committee

Why the RSC's Paul Teller probably had to go

Nobody wants to play second fiddle, and sometimes, of course, staffers come to believe they are as important as the principal

Support for conservative Obamacare alternative gains momentum in the House

Steve Scalise

‘The support behind the RSC proposal is proof that Republicans do have a plan’

What high-profile Republican will pick Alabama's next congressman?

Last year's Miss Alabama and girlfriend of Alabama QB A.J. McCarron, Katherine Webb, is used to the spotlight. Maybe she could give some pointers to Lois Lerner. (Photo: Sports Illustrated)

Fred Barnes, Katherine Webb, 10 Commandments Judge all make endorsements

Republicans push bill to protect groups from discrimination over traditional marriage beliefs


To protect them ‘from discrimination from the federal government’

DETAILS: Summary of GOP's alternative to Obamacare

Defund Obamacare - Grae Stafford/Daily Caller

It’s less boring than it sounds!

The Obamacare tactic Republicans are suddenly getting behind

Steve Scalise

RSC chair: ‘I think you’re seeing more of us in the House gravitating toward’ it

Heritage Foundation barred from weekly conservative meetings

Jim DeMint Heritage Foundation

‘Not a whole lot has changed’

House: No carbon taxation without representation

APTOPIX Obama Climate Change.JPEG

‘The Obama Administration has used every trick in the book to implement its radical agenda through back door regulations’

House votes to block costly EPA power grab

Steve Scalise

‘The cost is jobs’

Issa, top Obama scandal cop, SLAMS president for dismissing 'PHONY SCANDALS'

Darrell Issa

‘Brian Terry’s family does not call it a ‘phony’ death’

Conservatives rally behind anti-carbon tax resolution

Steve Scalise

‘The cost of nearly everything built in America would go up’

GOP lawmakers introduce bill to help Obama, Buffett voluntarily pay more taxes


‘Liberals in Congress and the White House continue to call for more revenue. Here is their chance’

Conservative House Republicans propose balancing budget in four years

Steve Scalise

Rep. Scalise: Budget shows ‘we’re serious about addressing the big problem’

Not that worried? Congressional office getting few calls on the sequester

The Capitol Dome in Washington, DC. Jewel Samad/Getty Images.

President barnstorming country warning that automatic cuts will ‘eviscerate job-creating investments ‘

GOP introduces its own 'Buffett Rule': Streamline donating cash to government - TheDC

Warren Buffett

GOP: ‘Make it easier for those wealthy individuals … to pay more to the U.S. Treasury

GOP congressman introduces his own 'Warren Buffett Act' - TheDC

Warren Buffett Taxes

‘If Warren Buffett and anybody else feels like they are not sending enough money to Washington, give them that option to do it voluntarily’