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Shutdown, but no slowdown in government expansion

Furloughed federal workers join a rally with Congressional Progressive Caucus to demand a vote to end the government shutdown, outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington

None of the debates in Washington will halt a trend that’s been going on since the Founding.

ROC is wrong: Dump the minimum wage

Fast Food Strike.JPEG

Wage controls leave the unskilled unemployed.

Concealed carry won't make Illinois more dangerous

Concealed Carry Illinois.JPEG

This week, the Land of Lincoln became the fiftieth state to legalize concealed carry.

Farm bill sends plenty of pork to the wealthy and well connected

Food and Farm Potato Lawsuit.JPEG

The trillion-dollar bill will subsidize the farms of millionaires and billionaires.

Tesla praise ignores subsidies' poor overall performance


Tesla Motors has repaid a government loan nine years early — but that’s not as exciting as it sounds.

The ominous Obama-Nixon comparisons begin to pile up

This administration is definitely not the ‘most transparent administration in history.’

If you want tax fairness, then demand real fairness!

Do supporters of the so-called Marketplace Fairness Act really stand for tax fairness?

Federal politicians: Your spending is not as important as our spending

Do they expect us to believe that they can’t find good ways to cut federal spending by 2 percent?

Get with the program, people: Embrace higher tax rates

Maybe if Americans had to shoulder the actual cost of federal programs, they’d demand spending cuts.