High-Skilled Immigrants Fuel Economic Growth

Opinion | Stuart Anderson
An Airbus A321 is being assembled in the final assembly line hangar at the Airbus U.S. Manufacturing Facility in Mobile, Alabama September 13, 2015. REUTERS/Michael Spooneybarger

Arguments against high-skilled immigration ignore a simple fact — the labor market is global.

Mr. Trump, Please Tear Down This Wall

Opinion | Stuart Anderson
Donald Trump, Screen Shot ABC 'This Week' 5-8-2016

Even if a wall were built, it would likely have the opposite of its intended effect.

Ted Cruz's Bad Idea: Expel International Students From America

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

The Cruz bill would turn a subpar immigration system into a disaster.

Immigration Limits Set Before Tech Boom Don't Work

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

The last high-skilled immigration law was passed before the iPhone, iPad, YouTube, or Google

Preventing The Next Crisis At The Border

Opinion | Stuart Anderson
Unaccompanied Minors In Texas

Enforcing the law means some will get to stay.

Immigration Reform Is Key To Progress In STEM Fields

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

With Eric Cantor gone, let’s not forget that amnesty isn’t the only immigration issue.

Immigrant cancer researchers saving American lives

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

More than 40 percent of the cancer researchers at America’s top cancer institutes are immigrants.

Why does America shut its doors to foreign nurses?

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

Over the coming decades, the US won’t be able to train enough domestic nurses to meet demand.

Department of Labor targets companies and their skilled foreign-born employees

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

The DOL is hoping to get its proposal approved before Obama’s term ends.

Congress AWOL in the global competition for talent

Opinion | Stuart Anderson

Lawmakers haven’t passed meaningful legislation on high-skill immigration in years.

Government agency actions keep skilled immigrants out

Opinion | Randel Johnson, Austin Fragomen & Stuart Anderson

Does President Obama know that his immigration agencies are inhibiting growth and making American companies less competitive?

House E-Verify bill violates GOP pledge for smaller government

Opinion | Mike Flynn & Stuart Anderson

Will small-government Republicans support the largest federal intrusion into workplace hiring in recent memory?