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Students fault colleges for burdening them with enormous loan debt

Students walk around the Princeton University campus in New Jersey

Tuition increases can’t even keep pace with inflation

Obama administration turns $41.7 billion in profits on backs of student loan debtors

Obama in tuxedo. Photo: Getty Images

‘It’s obviously yet another drag on recovery’

Student loans skyrocketed 463 percent under Obama

U.S. President Barack Obama waves as he departs the White House in Washington

‘Everybody owes this money to the government’

Settle your student loan debt using this one weird trick

student debt. Photo: Getty Images

‘Keep in mind that I hear from borrowers in extreme cases’

Obama pushes for more federal control over education

Barack Obama University

White House official: ‘There will certainly be criticism’ of president’s proposal

The GOP's higher education opportunity

Student Loans.JPEG

Millenials are skeptical of one-size-fits-all control of education policy, and they’re looking for new solutions.

Student loan rates mask the real problem

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If kids aren’t paying them back, it doesn’t matter what the rates are.

Senate liberals oppose student loan compromise

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‘Did students put two wars on a credit card, Mr. President?’

After Obama visit, Senate suddenly reaches student loan agreement

Filibuster Fight

‘It’s the work of a number of Democratic and Republican senators working long, long hours’

Expert: Student loan deal 'basically self-defeating'

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This compromise appears to chicken out

Why the House GOP is wrong on student loans

Immigration Reform Higher Education.JPEG

Congressional Republicans should stop trying to out-Democrat the Democrats.

Students blame Republicans, wish they would all die

‘I think all of them should probably be put to death’

College a riskier investment, say bankers

Debt Showdown

‘The failure of a bad idea’

Senate leadership clashes over student loans

Harry Reid

‘We should be making the burden lighter for students and their families, not seeking profits’

Republicans, Democrats slam each other on student loans

Student Loans

‘It would be better to do nothing than to pass the Republican bill’

Boehner excoriates Dems for student loan rate hikes


‘You begin to wonder whether they’re looking for a solution’

What's next for student loans?

Harry Reid
'Colleges are paid in full no matter what happens to these students'

Yep, student loan rates just doubled

Harry Reid

Goodbye 3.4 percent; hello 6.8 percent

Glenn Reynolds: Thanks to student loans, colleges raise tuition (a lot) because they can

student debt. Photo: Getty Images

College tuition has increased at an annual rate of 7.45%; family incomes are stagnant

Biden answers student loan questions

Vice President Joe Biden laughing. Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo.

‘Don’t let your BFF miss out’