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Senate leadership clashes over student loans

Harry Reid

‘We should be making the burden lighter for students and their families, not seeking profits’

Republicans, Democrats slam each other on student loans

Student Loans

‘It would be better to do nothing than to pass the Republican bill’

Boehner excoriates Dems for student loan rate hikes


‘You begin to wonder whether they’re looking for a solution’

What's next for student loans?

Harry Reid
'Colleges are paid in full no matter what happens to these students'

Yep, student loan rates just doubled

Harry Reid

Goodbye 3.4 percent; hello 6.8 percent

Glenn Reynolds: Thanks to student loans, colleges raise tuition (a lot) because they can

student debt. Photo: Getty Images

College tuition has increased at an annual rate of 7.45%; family incomes are stagnant

Biden answers student loan questions

Vice President Joe Biden laughing. Charlie Neibergall/AP Photo.

‘Don’t let your BFF miss out’

Student loan rates will rise on Monday

Harry Reid.JPEG

‘Senate Democrats don’t want a deal,’ said one Republican aide

Expert: Link student loans to financial markets

Budget Battle Harry Reid

‘What you would do if you were a rational financial actor?’

Fed warns Congress of danger in doubling student loan rates

Federal Reserve

‘Borrowers who are delinquent on student debt may face difficulty obtaining other forms of credit’

President Obama answers student loan questions


Obama will answer one question each day via text message

Student loan interest rates expected to double

loan debt

Congress and President Obama fail to meet an agreement as they fight to impose their own plans

Obama drafts nation's college grads into Dems' 2014 campaign

Obama, surrounded by college students, makes a statement on student loans in the Rose Garden of the White House May 31, 2013. Win McNamee/Getty Images.

Obama used a Friday Rose Garden speech on government-controlled student loans to help campaign for mid-term elections.

Senate Democrats propose student loan bailouts

College Loan Debt

Gillibrand says bill is ‘just common sense’

Elizabeth Warren creates MoveOn petition for her own bill

Elizabeth Warren Banking Committee

Bill would force Federal Reserve to lend tuition money to students at discounted interested rates

Elizabeth Warren wants Federal Reserve to subsidize student loans

Elizabeth Warren

Senator wants Fed money to ‘fund our students, keep us competitive and grow our middle class’

Historically black colleges and universities flunk Obama's College Scorecard

Morehouse College

HBCUs get special federal funding, while students graduate at low rates and default on loans at high levels

College graduates are the new subprime borrowers

Harvard quad

With the reward of a college degree decreasing, many students and parents will end up as debt slaves.

Average student loan debt climbs to $26,600

Graduation. Photo/Flickr – Josh Thompson

American students owe over $1 trillion in student loan debt

Analysis: Understanding the higher education bubble through Caddyshack

The original movie poster for the 1980 flick

The 1980 film Caddyshack is an accidental time capsule that proves the absurdity of college costs today