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Housing nominee Mel Watt helped create the subprime crisis

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In rush to give homes to welfare recipients, Obama’s choice for FHFA head bankrupted the agencies he’s supposed to regulate

Documents: Plaintiffs in 1995 Obama-led Citibank lawsuit submitted class action claims - TheDC

Obama with Buycks claim text

Previously unpublished records show Barack Obama‚Äôs class action clients’ complaints about Citibank’s lending practices

Barack Obama, subprime pioneer - TheDC

Obama Announces Details Of $75 Billion Mortgage Relief Plan

With landmark lawsuit, Barack Obama pushed banks to give subprime loans to Chicago’s African-Americans

Chicago Underwater - TheDC

Barack Obama Chicago Lawsuit

In addition to increased foreclosures in Chicago, crime rates have skyrocketed as more and more homes are boarded up

Obama's African-American clients got coupons, not cash - TheDC

Economic And Education Activists March In Chicago

‘We should have gotten some type of monetary reward from the lawsuit, which we didn’t’

Gov. Patrick 'proud' of his subprime mortgage work - TheDC

Deval Patrick Obama

Obama campaign co-chair tied to company that sold risky mortgages that hurt the US economy in 2007

Obama campaign co-chair tied to subprime mortgage crisis - TheDC

Patrick Obama

Deval Patrick served on the board of a company that is widely blamed for helping start the subprime mortgage crisis in 2007

Frank on mortgage crisis: 'Could I have done more? No' [VIDEO] - TheDC

‘I was in not charge of anything until 2007. In 2004, with regard to subprime loans, I was slow to see the crisis’

BofA may take Countrywide into bankruptcy to cut litigation costs - Bloomberg

Bank of America

Analysts call bankruptcy ‘nuclear’ option, threat may be used for leverage against plantiffs in bad mortgage cases

Wells Fargo settles subprime mortgage-abuse case for $85 million - AP

Nation’s largest mortgage lender settles Federal Reserve’s charges for record amount

Issa issues first subpoena for Countrywide VIP documents - TheDC

Darrell Issa’s first subpoena demands documents related to lawmakers’ special mortgage deals

Fannie, Freddie reform unlikely soon - TheDC

Partisan gridlock will make significant reform to government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac politically unrealistic

White House plans phase-out of Fannie, Freddie - WSJ

The Obama administration is expected to include three options for a post-Fannie and Freddie world when it releases its proposal, which could come as soon as Friday

Republicans call for swift action to weaken Fannie and Freddie - WaPo

Rep. Scott Garrett says the government must take immediate steps to craft a longer-term plan to privatize the nation’s mortgage market

Bernanke delivers grim warnings on nation's fiscal standing - TheDC

As deficit and debt aggressively climbs, Bernanke warns of ‘catastrophic’ consequences of default

Three reform options for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that can get through Congress - TheDC

Confusion abounds as to what direction House Republicans will take

Legal bills for Fannie and Freddie abuses cost taxpayers $160 million - NYT

Since the government takeover the government has been footing the legal bills for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

A ton of bailed-out banks are on the brink of collapse - Business Insider

98 American banks that received $4.2 billion in bailout money are teetering on the edge of collapse

Treasury will sell Citi shares, expects profit - WSJ

U.S. looks to sell last of its Citi common shares

Review & Outlook: The Fannie Mae Republicans - WSJ

A major task for the next Congress will be rewriting the laws governing Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and House Republicans have now won a seat at that table