Transparency Advocate Calls VA Secrecy A 'National Embarrassment'

Politics | Luke Rosiak

‘A blank website at’

Cato Data Makes Congress More Transparent

US | Kathryn Watson
The U.S. flag flies at half-staff on the Capitol dome in memory of former Senator Howard Baker (R-TN) in Washington June 27, 2014. Baker, a pivotal figure in the Senate Watergate inquiry that pushed U.S. President Richard Nixon toward resignation and who later helped salvage Ronald Reagan's presidency amid the Iran-Contra scandal, died on Thursday. He was 88. REUTERS/Gary Cameron (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS OBITUARY) - RTR3W4HL

‘They’re spending the public’s money’

The dumbing down of our politicians' language

Opinion | Bob Barr

A new study suggests that our lawmakers’ speeches are becoming less eloquent.

Left-wing foundation influence disclosed among FCC rule-change petitioners - TheDC

Tech | Josh Peterson

Campaign Legal Center, Sunlight Foundation supported full disclosure of broadcast campaign ad funding

Obama attacks banks while raking in Wall Street cash - TheDC

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He has received more money from Wall Street than any other politician over the last 20 years

Report: Puerto Rico delegate top spender in House - AP

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Pedro Pierluisi claimed $2.1 million in expenses, topping House Speaker Nancy Pelosi by $257,000

A new era for the People's House

Opinion | Rob Bluey

The new House rules that Republicans plan to introduce in January will increase the chamber’s transparency.

Sunlight Foundation corrects ‘Stupak 11’ story

| Mike Riggs
Story overstated the amount of earmark requests by a few members by a factor of 10

After voting ‘yes’ on health care, ‘Stupak 11’ requested $4.7 billion in earmarks

| Mike Riggs
Reports reveal an average of $429 million worth of earmark requests for each lawmaker

Why an earmark ban won’t stop the pork

| Mike Riggs
[T]here are a variety of other ways for lawmakers to secure earmarked funds outside of the appropriations committee

Obama's unfulfilled transparency pledges invite criticism

Politics | Jon Ward

Obama has angered liberal and libertarian backers who expected him to change the government’s approach to counterterrorism law, particularly when it came to the state secrets privilege. But transparency groups say Obama’s doing a good job — relatively speaking. ‘Look at what he’s compared to,’ said Jim Harper, of the libertarian Cato Institute