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What An Originalist On The Supreme Court Means For Gun Rights

Gun Laws & Legislation | Guns and Gear
"Judge Kavanaugh would apply the Constitution as it is written"

Is This Journalism? The Daily Beast Officially Advertises Against Trump's Supreme Court Nominee

Media | Amber Athey
'America's in the balance'

Supreme Court Earns Highest Approval Rating In Nearly A Decade: Gallup Poll

US | Dominic Mancini
53 percent!

Leading Hispanic Advocacy Organization Releases Statement Supporting Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination

US | Scott Morefield
'We believe he will protect the rights of all Americans'

NYT Gets It Wrong On The Supreme Court, Declines To Issue Correction

Politics | David Sivak
'Essentially no overlap'

Huffington Post Writer Tries to Trash Kavanaugh -- Owns Herself Instead

Media | Christopher Smith
One author, two different headlines

Podcast: The Dirt On Kavanaugh Is Pitiful

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Stop all the presses: He likes baseball and beer

Brett Kavanaugh Reportedly Going Into Debt For Baseball Tickets Is Pure America

Sports | David Hookstead
You have to respect the move

Democrats Used To Say Abortion Should Be 'Safe, Legal, And Rare' -- No Longer

Politics | Anders Hagstrom
'On the dollar menu at McDonald's'

What Kavanaugh Was Secretly Caught Doing Hours After Trump’s Nomination Will Silence The Critics

Politics | Kevin Daley
This is really touching

'All The Right Qualities' – Manchin Praises SCOTUS Pick

Politics | Christopher Smith
'Fine person of high moral standards'

Dem Congresswoman Brought Wire Clothes Hanger To Discuss Kavanaugh

Politics | Mike Brest
'I'm alarmed that five men will take us back to these days'

Lindsey Graham Reveals The Perfect Formula For 2020 Democrat Hopefuls

Politics | Julia Nista
Almost like math

Sen. Blumenthal Demands Kavanaugh Recuse Himself From Any Special Counsel Case

Politics | Julia Nista
'I am in no on this nominee'

Kavanaugh Went Against Net Neutrality Rules As DC Judge. What His Ascension To The Supreme Court Means For The Issue

Politics | Eric Lieberman
'The net neutrality rule violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution'

Yale Prof: Brett Kavanaugh Is An Originalist Like Justice Clarence Thomas

Politics | Kyle Perisic
'Clarence Thomas is a better originalist than Justice Scalia was'

Civil Libertarians Worry About Kavanaugh's Record On the Fourth Amendment

Politics | Elias Atienza
'Disappointing pick'

Joy Behar: 'How Come Mitch McConnell Is Not In Jail?'

Politics | Benny Johnson
'Why isn’t Mitch McConnell in jail?'

Dem Senator Admits The Obvious About Trump's Nominee

Politics | Kerry Picket
We shall see

Rand Paul, Critic Of The Bush Era, Will Have An 'Open Mind' With Brett Kavanaugh

Politics | Jessica Kramer
But he still has concerns

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