China To Start Tracking Cars, Adding To Its Already Vast Surveillance Arsenal

World | Eric Lieberman
'Pretty authoritarian government'

If You Think #ThePeeTapeIsReal, The Feds Can Spy On You

op-ed | Lew Olowski
Think with logic, not propaganda

Former CIA Officer: Trump Was Right All Along About Wiretapping

Opinion | Philip Giraldi
The White House used surveillance to help Hillary Clinton. This will have a chilling effect on future candidates.

Intel Agencies Still Haven't Told The House How Many Americans Are Surveilled

Politics | Kerry Picket
'Simply unacceptable'

Who's Taping Now?

Opinion | David Landau
Thee wiretap is a standard accoutrement of the modern presidency.

Data Centers And Obama Administration Overreach

Opinion | Daniel Horowitz
Congress must act to update existing laws governing warrants and the collection of electronic data.

Congress Must Act Quickly To Protect Americans' Safety And Privacy

Opinion | Drew Johnson
A proper balance must be struck between privacy and security.

Senate Intel Committee Requests Surveillance Docs Referenced By Nunes

Politics | Kerry Picket
'It should be a part of not only their committee but certainly our committee as well'

House Intel Chair: Committee To Investigate Possible Obama Admin's Surveillance On Trump Camp

Politics | Kerry Picket

US Spy Court Rejected Zero Surveillance Orders In 2015

Tech | Reuters
'Rubber stamp'

Hillary: After Brussels, We Need 'Honest Reckoning' On Surveillance, More 'Tracking Of Communications'

Elections | Derek Hunter
'The kind of things, you know, people have been somewhat uncertain about in the past.'

Maryland Public Buses Recording Passengers' Private Conversations

US | Steve Birr
Compared it to Orwell's dystopian '1984'

After San Bernardino, Time To Step Up Domestic Surveillance

Opinion | Joanne Butler
We are in the 21st century, not the agrarian 18th, and our enemies are fighting a war using technology.

Federal Appeals Judge Allows Muslim Civil Rights Suit Against NYPD To Continue

Tech | Steve Ambrose
Surveillance programs put police in a bind

Phone Surveillance Must End

Opinion | Sheldon Richman
Government must not be allowed to gather information on everyone simply because it has the technological means to do so.

High-Speed Traffic Cameras Tracking Where You Go

Tech | Robert Pursell
Privacy concerns being raised with massive license plate registries

Chevy Tells Corvette Owners Their Valet Surveillance Systems Might Be Illegal

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'Common sense would seem to dictate that there in no expectation of privacy while being in someone else's vehicle'

Facebook's Messenger App Has More Spyware Than Products Designed Specifically For Surveillance

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'There is a lot of code that suggests Facebook is running analytics on nearly everything it possibly can monitor on your device'

NSA And FBI Targeted Muslim-American Leaders Under Terrorist Surveillance Authority

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'I believe that they tapped me because my name is Asim Abdur Rahman Ghafoor'

Hidden surveillance recorders all over NYC are tweeting people's conversations

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
'Are you sure you want to be talking about this? I really don't know if this is the place'

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