Taxpayer-Funded University Gives Out Social Justice Certificates For WEARING SWEATERS

Education | Eric Owens
sweater Shutterstock/Ruslan Kudrin

‘A simple way of measuring efforts that happen at the office level’

Walmart CEO: I Ignore Global Warming Skeptics

Energy | Chris White

‘At Walmart, we are very familiar with scepticism … It’s got to a point where we just ignore it.’

Boondoggle: Students forced to pay $40,000 for solar umbrellas

Education | Robby Soave
Solar umbrella/screenshot

‘The energy saved will be negligible’

Legalize sustainability: Join us in our fight for food freedom

Opinion | Jason and Jennifer Helvenston

The City of Orlando is trying to prevent a family from growing vegetables in their front yard.

U.S. companies become more sustainable every day

Opinion | Mike Morris

A recent report reveals how 115 CEOs are working on making their companies more sustainable.

Driving the TESLA, protecting national security? - TheDC

US | Dipka Bhambhani

Electric vehicle market launches in Washington with aim to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil

California's public universities are the best. No, really.

Opinion | Laer Pearce

According to a new study, California’s public universities are the best in the world . . . at promoting environmentalism.

'Green jobs' cronyism and cannibalism

Energy | Hon. Ernest Istook

The green jobs agenda involves spending billions of dollars to destroy existing jobs and replace them with jobs in politically favored businesses.

Obama calls for U.S. to follow Germany's path . . . to blackouts - TheDC Opinion

Energy | Christopher Horner

Obama touts German-style energy policies as German leaders warn of electricity shortages.

Agenda 21 Part I: A global economic disaster in the making

Opinion | Jim Simpson

What does the phrase “sustainable development” mean, and where does it come from?

'Let them sip latte': Revolt brewing in Spain over 'green energy' crisis

Energy | Christopher Horner

Here’s the latest from our president’s erstwhile economic model — which he, oddly, no longer cites — socialist Spain.

Green shopping for the holidays

Opinion | Rep. Robert Walker and Richard Russell

Government regulation is not the only way to protect the environment.

Now they tell us

Energy | Benjamin Zycher

It turns out that it isn’t easy — or cheap — to be green.

Hyundai's hilarious "carbon-free" car commercial

Energy | Anthony Watts

In its latest commercial, the Korean auto maker tries to go green — but fails.

Cornell gets $80M gift for sustainability work - AP

Business | admin

Alumnus, investor David R. Atkinson makes the largest-ever gift from an individual to Cornell

How many congressmen does it take to screw in a light bulb? - TheDC

Politics | Alexis Levinson

A look at the poisonous CFL light bulbs that Congress is forcing Americans to purchase

OPINION: Congress' light bulb ban is creating jobs (in China)

Energy | Rep. Joe Barton, Rep. Marsha Blackburn and Rep. Michael Burgess

The ban on incandescent light bulbs is hurting American workers. It’s time to repeal it.

Rock 'n' Roll Regulation: What Does EPA Have Against CCR?

Opinion | Brett Barkley

The Environmental Protection Agency’s proposal to label and regulate coal combustion residuals (CCRs) as “hazardous” could have unintended environmental and economic consequences

Renewable energy standard will never be the answer

Energy | Lance Brown

It’s clear, then, that a federal renewable energy standard wasn’t popular at the beginning of the energy debate, isn’t popular now, and isn’t going to be popular come September

Green Motors: GM transitions with some help from the fed - TheDC

Business | Matt Purple

Thanks to a helpful hand from the government, GM is reinventing itself as a green company