Parents OUTRAGED Over Kids Cartoon With Dancing Penis And Vagina

Video | Kaitlan Collins

You can’t unsee this

Muslim Gangs Continue Terrorizing Neighborhoods, Police Powerless As Violence Escalates

World | Matt Danielsson
Bystanders take photos of a row of burning cars in the suburb of Rinkeby after youths rioted in several different suburbs around Stockholm (Photo: Reuters)

Gang attacks have escalated to assaulting children

Muslim Gangs Take Over 55 Neighborhoods As Police Move Out

Video | Matt Danielsson

Gangs actively attacked police officers, ambulances

Sweden says credible reports of foreign submarine in its waters

Video | Reuters

‘It is a foreign vessel and we have no indications that there would be any civilians involved in underwater activity’

Asylum Abuse Makes Sweden A Safe Haven For Criminals

Opinion | Matt Danielsson
Sweden Syrian Refugees.JPEG

Two murderers get protection from extradition and punishment.

Tinder In Sweden Is On A Much Hotter Level

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(Photo: Tumblr)

These girls are ridiculously beautiful

Elk Breaks Into School Classroom Through Window

World | Lauren Eissler

‘It was stressed, it was in a state’

IceHotel in Sweden forced to install fire alarms

World | Faith Braverman
Icehotel, Jukkasjärvi, Sweden. Although not a resort, this hotel is ridiculous enough to be included on the list. Guests stay in ice suites, sleeping on beds made of ice topped with a mattress, thermal sleeping bag, and reindeer skins. This hotel is the largest ice hotel in the world, featuring ice sculptures, suites for 100 guests and food specially designed for the cold environment. The deluxe suite costs approximately $1,000 per night. (photo:

IceHotel in Sweden forced to install fire alarms

Obama: Let's learn from Sweden, home of carbon tax

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch

It’s the American thing to do

Apple's newest acquisition

Business | Business Insider
Earns Apple

Apple buys another company

Swedish professor nominates Edward Snowden for Nobel Peace Prize

Education | Eric Owens
Photo (left to right): Getty Images, Getty Images, public domain, Getty Images

Repudiates ‘hasty and ill-conceived decision’ 2009 decision to give award to Obama

Swedish police find marijuana on Justin Bieber's tour bus

Entertainment | Taylor Bigler

Police confiscated a substance after they raided the bus before his Stockholm, Sweden concert Wednesday night

President ignores evidence government preschool hurts children

Opinion | Joy Pullmann

Studies suggest that universal preschool is a bad idea.

Swedish Toys R Us franchisee goes 'gender neutral' in Christmas catalog - TheDC

Business | Samantha Schroeder
Gender Neutral Toy Ads

‘With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong’

US military calls Julian Assange and WikiLeaks enemies of the state - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson
UN General Assembly Assange

Military who contact ‘WikiLeaks supporters’ can be charged with ‘communicating with the enemy’

Rare stolen Swedish atlas recovered at NYC gallery - AP

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Sweden Stolen Atlas.JPEG

The atlas contains 19 maps, including the first printed map of California

Separate and unequal: Swedish Left Party says men should urinate sitting down - TheDC

Entertainment | Stephanie Wang

‘We want to give men the option of going into a clean toilet,’ says man responsible for the proposal

The woman currently running Sweden's Twitter account is a whack job - TheDC

World | Matt Pitchford
Sweden Twitter

The current citizen-curator, Sonja Abrahamsson, seems to be trying a bit too hard to be funny

Swedish man charged with 'face rape' - TheDC

Tech | Meagan Clark

Man hacked ex’s Facebook account to post nude pictures of her and chat with users

Swedes look to Obama to save Saab - The DC

US | Melissa Quinn
Saab Bankruptcy

Union claims GM bailout left Swedish automaker ‘badly damaged’