Renowned Scientist Kills Himself At Swiss Suicide Clinic

World | Joshua Gill
'This is taking an awfully long time'

British Scientist To Die In Swiss Suicide Clinic, Advocates Free Access To Euthanasia

World | Joshua Gill
'I'm looking forward to it'

Incredible New Science On Babies' Awareness Of Their Parents -- Even Inside The Womb

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Emotion of happiness'

Police In This Country Are Ditching Diesel Vehicles For Electric Tesla SUVs

Tech | Audrey Conklin
Welcome to the future

Drones Are Almost Crashing Into Planes, But Can They Also Help Stop In-Air Collisions?

World | Eric Lieberman
US 'dragging its feet'

Wild Safe Sex Ad Featuring Water Hoses And Sausages Is Being Called Too Raunchy For Television

Video | Gabrielle Okun
'Suck out the water'

Trump Brings Out His Pom Poms At Davos And Tells The World Why He's America's Cheerleader

Politics | Jack Crowe
'It's easy because I love our country'

Swiss Church To Accept Bitcoin As Viable Offering

World | Joshua Gill
'Will change our daily lives'

Switzerland's New Law Is What Separates Good Countries From Great Ones

World | Jena Greene
It's very simple

German Court Rules That Muslim Student Can't Refuse Catholic Services In School

World | Jacob Bojesson
Lawsuit rejected

'Doom Report' Investor Resigns After Saying 'Thank God White People Populated America'

Business | Amber Randall
'Deeply disappointing and are completely contradictory'

Europe Hasn't Even Processed Half Of Asylum Seekers During Migrant Crisis

World | Jacob Bojesson
100,000 are missing

Swiss Hotel Tells 'Jewish Guests' To Shower Before Using The Pool

World | Jacob Bojesson
'I may have selected the wrong words'

Supermarket Serves Up Bugs As New Delicacy

World | Gabrielle Okun
Insect burger and insect balls

Swiss Police Take Manhunt For Homeless Chainsaw Attacker International

World | Jacob Bojesson
'Told my dog he had a great haircut'

At Least 5 Injured After Man Goes On Chainsaw Rampage In Switzerland

World | Jacob Bojesson
'Special situation'

Your 'Human Dignity' Means Doctors Should Be Able To Kill You, UK Lawsuit Claims

World | Anders Hagstrom
'That would be a living hell'

Switzerland Votes To Phase Out Nuclear Power

Energy | Andrew Follett
It will cost every household $3,300 annually

President Trump And Making America Great Again -- Swiss-Style

| Faith Whittlesey and Doug Sears
Following in the footsteps of Switzerland could be a recipe for success.

Davos Attendees Ready For Annual Event Of Crawling On Hands And Knees Pretending To Be Fleeing Refugees

World | Jonah Bennett

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