Syracuse Chancellor Hesitant To Label University A 'Sanctuary Campus'

Education | Jason Chulack
CULVER CITY, CA - MARCH 12: (L-R) Chancellor Kent Syverud and David Sonne attend the Syracuse University and the Jack Oakie and Victoria Horne Oakie Charitable Foundation present Comedy Tonight with the cast and producers from the show "The Goldbergs" at Sony Pictures Studios on March 12, 2014 in Culver City, California. (Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images)

They fear losing federal funding

Teacher Found Guilty After Spanking Female Student 54 Times

US | Chloe Stevenson
Teacher found guilty of hitting his student with a ruler

He made her count each strike…

College Basketball Powerhouse Facing Stiff Penalties

Sports | Reuters

Punished for 10 years of violations

Dem. Mayor Appoints Nation Of Islam Disciple To School Board

Education | Eric Owens

‘I am honored to serve the citizens of the city of Syracuse’

Syracuse men's basketball coach calls ESPN reporter an idiot to his face [VIDEO]

Sports | David Daniels
Jim Boeheim

Just Jim Boeheim keeping it real with Andy Katz

Syracuse to students: If you think a comment is racist, shut up

Editorial | Robert Shibley

The school recently expelled a student for writing a Facebook post complaining about racism against white people.

Can college football bite the Big Apple? - WSJ

Sports | Tom Sileo

Rutgers, Syracuse, UConn, Notre Dame try to become ‘New York City’s team’

Waking up on the wrong side of the bed - Post-Standard

| interns

Couple thrown from bed when alleged drunk driver crashes into their home

A great moment for expectations

Opinion | Eben Carle

Last Tuesday, on a relatively cool night in Washington, a 21-year-old kid took the mound in Southeast DC and accomplished something that this town had not seen for a very long time: he delivered on hype

Strasburg is ready for The Show - SI

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He’s obviously too good to be pitching in Triple A. Wednesday night, he threw 6 1/3 scoreless innings (that’s 18 1/3 scoreless at Triple A Syracuse)

Opinion: Arizona sucks - The Daily Caller

Sports | Julia McClatchy (admin)

In America, there’s supposed to be a stark separation between sports and real life

Nats promote pitching phenom - AP

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Washington Nationals promoted #1 pick to Triple-A Syracuse

Energy and climate, March Madness-style

Energy | Thomas Pyle

High stakes, tall-odds, last-second heaves and long-shot upsets—to some, March Madness represents one of the most exciting events on the calendar, and among the most heavily wagered on as well. But who’s talking about basketball? On Capitol Hill, more than a dozen competing energy and environmental proposals are in the process of making their final case to the committee, and gearing up for a furious race to the finish in 2010

An unlikely foursome heads to Indianapolis - Philadelphia Daily News

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One could have made a reasonable case for each of the 2010 Final Four participants. What would have been difficult was to put all four of them on the floor Saturday in front of 71,300 at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis

Top-seeded Kentucky outscraps Cornell to reach East final - AP

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But Kentucky overcame the early deficit with a swarming defense, spoiling all the fun at Cornell’s loudest and largest pep rally

Big East sifts through the wreckage - Philadelphia Inquirer

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Villanova, a second seed, and Pittsburgh, a third seed, were bounced in the second round. Four teams went one-and-out, with Georgetown, a third seed, knocked out by 14th-seeded Ohio

Ivy League's Cornell cuts down another big seed - AP

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Forgive those Ivy League guys for not knowing how to celebrate. After all, they’ve never experienced anything like this before. Then again, maybe they’re waiting for something bigger and better

What happened to the Big East on Day 1? - ESPN

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Ohio had no shot to beat Georgetown. Robert Morris had no shot to beat Villanova. Why would you think otherwise?