Is Crime In Germany Really Up 10 Percent After An Influx Of Migrants?

Politics | Emily Larsen
'Be smart America'

Leaked UN Drafts Show Gruesome Details Of Syrian Chemical Attacks

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'Signs of foaming at the mouth and nose, blue skin'

Mysterious Airstrike Kills More Than 50 Pro-Regime Fighters In Syria

World | Joseph Lafave
The Pentagon denies any involvement

US-Backed Rebels Destroy Massive Cache Of 'Chemical Courage' Narcotics Fueling ISIS Forces In Syria

World | Ryan Pickrell
Stockpile of more than 300,000 pills

Asylum Numbers Significantly Drop In EU

World | Gabrielle Okun
'Political will'

'We're America, B*tch': Official Describes The Trump Doctrine

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'We’re the ‘F*ck Obama’ Doctrine'

US Military Partners Stomp ISIS And Foil Suicide Bombing

World | Joseph Lafave
All 7 terrorists were killed

Assad Vows To Reclaim Syrian Territory Held By US-Backed Forces

Defense | Will Racke
'People will not accept foreigners in this region'

BOOM, ROASTED -- Watch An Air Strike Blow Up ISIS Site In Syria

Defense | Justin Caruso
This video is insane.

US Airstrike Kills 12 Pro-Regime Fighters in Syria

Defense | Joseph Lafave
The Pentagon has not confirmed the strike

The F-35 Just Made Its First Combat Mission, But It Wasn't The US Flying It

World | Thomas Phippen
'We are flying the F-35 all over the Middle East'

ISIS Militants Leave Damascus Under Evacuation Deal As Assad Takes Full Control Of Capital

World | Will Racke
'Buses entered after midnight'

Trump Cuts 'Stabilization' Funding For Part Of Syria

Defense | Will Racke
Shifting resources to anti-ISIS mission

Putin Puts Russian Ships On 'Permanent Standby' Near Syria

Defense | Will Racke
Staying put

Israeli Strikes In Syria Killed 19 Iranians This Week, War Monitor Says

World | Will Racke
Hot war

While The West Was Sleeping, Israel And Syria Clashed In Their Biggest Battle Since 1973 War

Defense | Will Racke
'Boiling point'

Israel Defense Forces Exchange Artillery Fire With Syrian Army

World | Will Racke

BREAKING: Israeli Army Says Iran Is Firing At Their Positions In Golan Heights

World | Julia Nista
'About 20 projectiles at Israeli positions'

WATCH: Airstrikes In Syria Cause Massive Explosions

Video | Justin Caruso
The footage is insane.

Iran Seeks Revenge On Israel For Weekend Missile Attack

World | Joseph Lafave
"they will be hit multiple times"

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