Beverage Association Spends Big Money Fighting Drink Tax In Philly

US | Craig Boudreau
A bottle of soda

‘Such a tax is regressive, betraying the principle of tax fairness’

Florida Governor Invites Yale to Relocate To Avoid Connecticut Endowment Raid

Education | Eric Owens
Surfers wait for a pause in the shore break before paddling out into the surf generated by Tropical Storm Karen in the Gulf of Mexico next to the Pensacola Beach Pier at Pensacola Beach, Florida

‘All businesses in Connecticut, including Yale, should look to move to Florida’

Google pays $55 million tax in Britain on 2012 sales of $5.5 billion

Business | Reuters

Corporate tax avoidance has risen to the top of the international agenda in the past year

Rep. Roskam: Tax reform is IRS scandal 'silver lining' - TheDCNF

Politics | Betsi Fores

‘[T]he tax code is so burdensome and complex that Americans spend an average of 13 hours a year trying to comply’

Lawmaker: Holder must probe leak of Romney tax returns

Politics | Alex Pappas

Idaho Republican Labrador wants to know how progressive groups and journos got tipped off during 2012 campaign

Analysis: Top 1 percent to pay two thirds of Obama tax hike - TheDCNF

Politics | Betsi Fores

Households with earnings between $500,00 and $1 million would see an average federal tax increase of $13,474

EBay leverages users to oppose online sales tax legislation - TheDCNF

Politics | Betsi Fores

‘Marketplace Fairness Act’ would allow states to tax online transactions all over the country

Ariz. group used student fees to lobby for tax hike, sues to keep funding

Education | Robby Soave
Arizona State University (Photo: Creative Commons/Neon Tommy)

‘Could you imagine the backlash if two bucks a semester were going to the NRA?’

Conservative group warns of online sales tax 'unintended consequences' - TheDCNF

US | Betsi Fores

‘The software needed to comply with these thousands of tax rules barely exists’

Joe Flacco's MVP award could cost him $25,000 in taxes

Sports | Detroit Free Press
Joe Flacco

Cometh the tax man

Oregon to consider additional tax on gas-efficient vehicles

Politics | Caroline May

Opponents say the tax will discourage consumers from purchasing efficient vehicles

FCC to tax broadband - TheDCNF

Tech | Betsi Fores

Subsidies to get rural communities online at the expense of everyone else

President Obama's crowning achievement: the largest tax increase in US history

Opinion | Sam Bain

He knew he couldn’t pass Obamacare if the mandate was understood to be a tax, so he told us it wasn’t one.

WH to pitch business tax 'framework' to compete with Romney's reform announcement - TheDC

Elections | Neil Munro

Late-night White House press release promises briefing by Treasury Secretary, allows Obama to remain vague on specifics

Obama to seek a new tax rate for wealthy - AP

Business | admin

Obama is going to call it the ‘Buffett Rule’

IRS provides tax relief to some Irene victims - AP

Business | admin

Businesses that had obtained Sept. 15 extensions on 2010 returns may wait until Oct. 31 to file

Cut, Cap and Balance: Seven reasons the GOP must hold the line

Opinion | Rod D. Martin

Backing down isn’t an option.

Economists: Most Americans don't cheat the tax man - TheDC

Politics | Caroline May

‘By declining the opportunity to cheat, these taxpayers reveal information about their willingness to pay to be honest’

The logical contradictions of Obama's debt ceiling stance

Feature:Opinion | David Cohen

Geithner’s unintentional candor exposes logical flaws in Obama’s approach.

What Republicans should do next

Energy | Lewis Uhler & Jim Martin

Cut, Cap and Balance is dead, but there’s still a lot the GOP can do to promote growth and shrink government.