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Teachers Unions Say Each Teacher Costs Schools $100,000 But Unions Still Want MORE Money

op-ed | Teresa Mull and Lennie Jarratt
Sob stories from teachers unions go for six figures a pop these days

Cleveland Teachers Lead America In Sick Days While Taking Home $76,652 PER YEAR

Education | Eric Owens
'If the teachers don't come to school, how do you expect the students to come?'

Georgia School District Mulls Teacher Dress Code Banning EXPOSED CLEAVAGE, Too Much Perfume

Education | Eric Owens
Some Savannah public school teachers apparently have nasty, unkempt fingernails, too

Turns Out This Local Democratic Party Chair Is A Total Scumbag

Education | Eric Owens
Is he president of the local teachers union, too? You betcha!

Florida Teachers Unions Whine About Cash Incentives, Work To Preserve Miserable Equality

Education | Eric Owens
'Teachers out there working in trenches just as hard'

The American Federation Of Teachers Strikes Again

Education | Emmakristina Sveen
But this time in a whole new generation

Teachers Union Questionnaire Reveals Bad News For Teachers Union

Education | Eric Owens
Does the union demand federal intervention? YES!

Teachers Union Fat Cat Thanks Little People Who Make Her Posh Life In The One Percent Possible

Education | Eric Owens
Average teacher earns salary equal to just 15 percent of Randi Weingarten's

'Avalanche' Of Political Cash 'Undermines Fairness' Says Union That Blew $19 MILLION ON 2014 ELECTIONS

Education | Eric Owens
'The ideal of a public square is itself under assault'

Teachers Union Fat Cat Lives In America's Top 1 Percent, Blames Baltimore Riots On INEQUALITY

Education | Eric Owens
'Hopelessness that stems from poverty and joblessness'

Cleveland Teachers Union Fights For Right To Wear Jeans, Flip Flops, BEER T-SHIRTS

Education | Eric Owens
Dress code will 'deprofessionalize' teachers, union bosses fear

Well-Heeled Teachers Union President Lauds Millionaire Harry Reid As Master Debater

Education | Eric Owens
'What matters' is 'making a difference for working families,' says rich lady

Worst Teacher's Union Ever Tries To Prevent 10-Year-Old With Chronic Lung Disease From Using Faculty Bathroom

Education | Eric Owens
'They wanted to keep her stroller in a corner and use it to take her outside and upstairs'

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