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Teachers Union Sues To Keep All Lesson Plans SECRET

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‘How is a principal supposed to ensure students are receiving a high-quality education?’

High School Teachers Make More Money Than Cops, Plumbers And Real Estate Appraisers

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Isn’t it about time to quit the trope about low-paid teachers?

Chicago Public Schools Whack 1,000 Employees

Chicago Teachers Union President Lewis and Vice President Sharkey listen to a question from the media during a news conference on the seventh day of their strike in Chicago

‘We’re bitterly disappointed with the announcement’

Illegal contract obligates district to hire 'multi-ethnic teachers'

Bad Teacher / Youtube screenshot

Too expensive to fix, says superintendent

California students sue because 'grossly ineffective' teachers can't be fired

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Union sides with terrible teachers against poor, minority students

Just THREE kids in Camden, N.J. scored college-ready

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Way to go, Camden Education Association! Union YES!

Brave teachers sue Cali union: 'They are harming my students'

A general view of the U.S. Supreme Court in Washington

Lawsuit makes First Amendment challenge to mandatory union dues

Leftist lawsuit says helping poor kids escape failing public schools is unconstitutional

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‘Vouchers for private schools are an affront’ (and may cause terrorism)

New Mexico teachers mull strike over evaluation linked to actual, objective criteria

‘This evaluation system is unprecedented in how unfair it is’

Little Rock school district will now make teachers wear underwear

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Female teachers must wear inconspicuous bras

Union spends teachers' money on politics, says suit - TheDCNF

Chicago Teachers Union
'Union dues are fungible'

Teachers protest standardized testing

Chicago Teachers Union

‘We are just seeing the very beginning of this testing revolt’

NJ teachers union wants more gun-free zones - TheDCNF

Gun free zone school

NJEA Vice President Wendell Steinhauer called the legislation ‘common sense’

Union boss who led Chicago teachers strike faces leadership challenge - TheDCNF

Chicago Public Schools

Lewis previously faced criticism for joking about the underclass murdering rich people

Teachers union: Don't allow evaluations to be made public - TheDCNF


The Florida Times-Union sought the documents through a public-records request