The Tires Of The Future Never Go Flat

Tech | Timothy Reisinger
Prototype of iFlex tire (Youtube/user/hankooktyre)

iFlex…No, it’s not made by Apple

Apple Watch Sales Plummet 90 Percent

Tech | Timothy Reisinger

Looks like all apples go rotten eventually

New Paratrooper Technology Allows In-Flight Communication

US | Taylor Beck
A USAF C-17 cargo plane flies past during a media preview of the Singapore Airshow in Singapore on February 12, 2012.  (Roslan Rahman/Getty Images)

‘A jump in the right direction’

New Technology May Eliminate Drunk Driving

Tech | Chloe Stevenson
Drunk drivers and driving tests may become obsolete (Getty Images)

Bye bye drunk drivers…hello new technology!

Despite Conflicting Reports, IBM Denies Massive Layoffs

Business | Reuters
Traders gather at the post that trades IBM on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange

The tech giant denied report that as many as 112,000 employees would be laid off

Robot Newscaster Can Speak Multiple Languages And Make Jokes

Tech | Alex Pfeiffer
The new humanoid robot named "Kodomoroid"

‘My dream is to have my own TV show in the future’

Startup Creates Autopilot To Make Any Car Driverless

Tech | Lauren Eissler

‘We’re trying to reuse as many concepts and behaviors as you already have in your car’

SCIENCE! A Calorie-Counting Smartphone Device Is Finally Here

Tech | Lauren Eissler

And this molecular sensor can be used for a lot more

Computer Imitates Child, Dupes Testers

Tech | Katie Frates
Computer Imitates Child, Dupes Testers

His name is Eugene Goostman

New Miracle Machine lets you turn water into wine in only three days

Tech | Kelsi Thorud
Home winemaking is now possible with new Miracle Machine (The Miracle Machine)

‘We were both surprised at how good it tastes’

New technology helps uninspired fiction writers capture readers' emotions

Tech | Maggie Knors
Sensory Fiction MIT

It’s an ‘immersive storytelling experience tailored to the reader’

This guy hacked his house to have its own Twitter feed

Tech | Business Insider
Tom Coates, the man behind the tweeting house. (Photo via Flickr)

‘Smart-house’ tweets mundane things like ‘I’m pretty sure someone’s at home,’ just like everyone else on Twitter

One of Microsoft's biggest PC partners doesn't want to use the tablet-only version of Windows 8

Tech | Business Insider
Acer Windows

Acer says Windows RT isn’t ‘so influential anymore’

The creepiest Google Glass feature has been banned amid public concerns

Tech | Business Insider
Google Glass

The company says no facial recognition apps will be allowed

This teen just created a device to charge your cell phone in under 30 seconds

Tech | Business Insider
T Mobile Apple

‘It’s a tiny a gadget that fits inside cell phone batteries’

RNC to make hiring CTO a priority

Politics | Josh Peterson

Committee’s ‘autopsy report’ unveils highly ambitiousrecommendations

Obama signs cybersecurity executive order, raising regulatory concerns - TheDC

Politics | Josh Peterson
State Of Union.JPEG

The House homeland security committee is expected to hold a hearing later this month on the executive order

Students with autism likely candidates for STEM degrees

Education | Nicole Lafond
France Autism.JPEG

STEM degrees actively sought by U.S. business and policy leaders

Analysis: Galaxy gaining ground on Android

Tech | BGR
Samsung Apple

Here’s why Google is so eager to contain Samsung

A list of bad inventions

Ann Coulter | Ann Coulter
Ann Coulter

Why I hate silent dishwashers, among other things.