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Ted Cruz Introduces Legislation Expanding School Choice

Politics | Molly Prince

Trump Smacks Down Efforts For Quick Border Fix

Politics | Saagar Enjeti
'We shouldn’t be hiring judges by the thousands'

Ted Cruz Demands Investigation Into Taxpayer-Funded Global Warming 'Advocacy'

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'It is propagandizing'

Senators Demand Trump Act To Keep Immigrant Families Together

Politics | Robert Donachie
'Totally disgraceful, un-America action on the part of the president'

Ted Cruz Announces Legislation To Keep Illegal Immigrant Families Together

Politics | Molly Prince

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Liberal Hypocrisy And Lies About Illegal Alien Kids

Editorial | Derek Hunter
Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele should be ashamed of himself

Ted Cruz And Jimmy Kimmel Just Played The 'Worst Basketball Game Ever' -- Here's Who Won

US | Scott Morefield
yeah, this happened...

Ted Cruz Favored Over Kimmel In Charity Basketball Game

US | Molly Prince
Odds are with Cruz

Ted Cruz Preps For One-On-One Basketball Game Against Jimmy Kimmel -- 'Scared Yet?'

US | Evie Fordham
'I'm playing better than ever'

Ted Cruz Makes A Big Supreme Court Announcement

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justice Cruz?

Students Lead Anti-Gun Die-In, Storm Ted Cruz's Office

US | Molly Prince
Some face arrest

Ted Cruz Lauds Trump Administration's Seven Major Victories For Faith, Family, And Life

US | Joshua Gill
"For faith, for family, for the values that we share"

Cruz Launches Missiles At Rival Over Mom's Tax Fraud Conviction

Politics | Molly Prince
He calls out the O'Rourke family on its history of breaking tax laws

Ted Cruz Lays Out Constitutional Case For President Trump Pardoning Himself

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'Those who hate the president might wish otherwise'

Youngest GOP Members Of Congress Wow Crowd At MavPAC

Politics | Stephanie Hamill
Some of Congress’s youngest GOP members hit the stage at the Maverick PAC convention in Austin, Texas.

Senator Cruz Gives Texas-Size Response To D’Souza Pardon Critics

Politics | Stephanie Hamill
Senator Cruz told reporters during a press gaggle at the Maverick PAC in Austin, Texas that he’s glad the president stood up for the principles of justice by pardoning what was an unfair persecution.

Devos Awards Texas District $1M Grant To Recover After Latest School Shooting

Education | Kyle Morris
The money is to aid in the 'healing and recovery process'

Things Got Weird After Ted Cruz Challenged Jimmy Kimmel To A Game Of 'Ring Ball'

Entertainment | Virginia Kruta
'...you talk a good game.'

New Poll Shows Good News For Ted Cruz As Dems Stumble Toward Mid-Terms

Politics | Chris White
Cruz has captured an 11 point lead

Big Corn Sues EPA For Exempting Refineries From Buying Ethanol

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Corn and oil interests continue to clash

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