Ted Cruz May Face A Primary Challenge In 2018

Daily Caller News Foundation | Juliegrace Brufke
Ted Cruz speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

‘Like Reagan said, never say never’

Cruz Braces For Potential McCaul Primary Challenge

Daily Caller News Foundation | Phillip Stucky
Ted Cruz speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

‘He knows an awful lot of people’

Cruz Ally Targets Paul Ryan's Primary Challenger

Politics | Scott Greer
Screen shot of Paul Nehlen campaign ad

Group run by former Cruz super PAC official goes after Paul Nehlen

DNC Hack: For The Love Of God, Avoid Common Core

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Common Core The Scream by Edvard Munch public domain

One day later: Talk about Common Core

DNC Comms Director Speculates Cruz's Dad Really WAS Part Of Plot To Kill JFK

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
U.S. Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson (C) takes the presidential oath of office from Judge Sarah T. Hughes (2nd from L) as President John F. Kennedy's widow first lady Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy (2nd from R) stands at his side aboard Air Force One at Love Field in Dallas, Texas just two hours after Kennedy was shot in this November 22, 1963 photo by White House photographer Cecil Stoughton provided by the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library in Boston. REUTERS/JFK Library/Cecil Stoughton/The White House/Handout

‘Would not be unusual’

Report: Trump Will Fund Revenge PACs To Destroy Cruz, Kasich

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Donald Trump, Ted Cruz and John Kasich stand together onstage at the start of the Republican candidates debate sponsored by CNN at the University of Miami in Miami, Florida, March 10, 2016. REUTERS/Joe Skipper

Willing to spend $20 million to end their political careers

Ted Cruz's 'Seinfeld' Moment

Opinion | Timothy Philen
Ted Cruz speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

Just remember, it’s not a lie if you believe it!

What Republicans Missed From Ted Cruz's Speech

Opinion | CJ Arlotta
Ted Cruz (R-TX) gestures as he walks on stage to deliver a speech on the third day of the Republican National Convention (Getty Images)

In the grand scheme of things, what did Sen. Ted Cruz actually say that was offensive to Republicans?

Mike Pence Learns What It Means To Be Trump's VP Pick

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
Republican U.S. presidential candidate Trump introduces Indiana Governor Pence as his vice presidential running mate in New York
Believe me

Former Governor Says Cruz Made A Bad Political Calculation At RNC During Speech

Daily Caller News Foundation | JP Carroll

‘Trump didn’t care, it wasn’t a big deal for him’

This Is Why Newt Gingrich Isn't Worried About Party Unification

Elections | Kerry Picket
Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich speaks at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland

‘It’s like 5,000 to 1’

Ted Cruz's 'Blossoming Sexual Obsession'

Daily Dealer | Jack Kocsis
Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz (R-TX) speaks at the California GOP convention in Burlingame, California, U.S., April 30, 2016. REUTERS/Stephen Lam

What we SHOULD be talking about

Mike Pence Saved The Republican Party After The Cruz Disaster

Opinion | Larry Kudlow
Mike Pence speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

He basically snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. He turned destruction into positive hope.

Ted Cruz's Bogus 'Conscience' Dodge Makes President Hillary More Likely

Opinion | Ken Allard
Ted Cruz speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

He left his own party naked and confused before what will certainly be an impassioned Democratic response.

Clay Travis: Ted Cruz Most 'Unlikable Politician Of My Lifetime'

Politics | David Hookstead
Clay Travis (Credit: Screenshot/Youtube Fox Sports Live)

He isn’t a fan

Bullfighting And Fiestas: Hemingway At The RNC

Opinion | Mary Claire Kendall
Ted Cruz speaking at RNC 2016 Grae Stafford Daily Caller

Trump decimated his opponents and, if past is prologue, he’s on the way to decimating Clinton.

Cruz Stands By Not Endorsing Anyone 'Who Attacks' His Family

Elections | Kerry Picket
Ted Cruz, Image Credit Grae Stafford

‘They offered no pushback on the speech whatsoever’

GOP Spokesman Agrees That Ted Cruz Is An 'A**Hole'

Elections | Derek Hunter

‘Ted Cruz, more than anybody, in terms of his background, knows what’s a stake’