America Is Drowning In Terrorist Cells

Opinion | Bryan Crabtree
Scene of the Chelsea bombing. (J.P. Carroll/The Daily Caller News Foundation)

At minimum, we must temporarily stop Middle Eastern immigrants and refugees from entering this country.

Lawrence O'Donnell Scolds Trump And His Supporters For Being 'Terrified By Terrorism'

Elections | Christian Datoc

‘Most Americans, actually, are not terrified by terrorism in the United States’

CIA Director Worried The Agency Isn't Diverse Enough To Combat Terrorism

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘If everybody at the agency looked like me…’

White House: Fight Against ISIS 'Actually Just A War Of Narratives' [VIDEO]

US | Derek Hunter

‘In some ways this is actually just a war of narratives’

Anonymous Blog Claims Responsibility For NYC Bombing In Name Of LGBTQ Rights

US | Derek Hunter
Scene of the Chelsea bombing. (J.P. Carroll/The Daily Caller News Foundation)

“What if people from the LGBTQ+ community started lashing out in response to the violence and oppression”

Defeating ISIS And Embracing Operational Ambiguity

Opinion | Lawrence Sellin
U.S. Marines from the 1st Marine Division return from a six-mile march February 15, 2003 near the Iraqi border in Kuwait. The Marines continue to prepare for a possible military strike against Iraq. (Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

In the long term, it is not the responsibility of the United States to reconcile all opposing factions in the Middle East, but to manage the chaos in a manner that fulfills our national security interests.

Biden: Terrorism Doesn't Pose 'Existential Threat' To US Security

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘American people know in their gut’

Republicans Press House Leadership To Defund Refugee Resettlement From Terror Hotbeds

Politics | Caroline May
Greek policemen push back Syrian, Iraqi and Afghan refugees who try to force their way through the Greek-Macedonian borders near the village of Idomeni

‘We see this as an important national security concern’

9/11 First Responder's Recount: 'Horrific Things No Human Being Should Have To See'

US | Kerry Picket
Twin towers hit on 9/11

‘They’d had just free fallen 70 something floors’

Justice Against State Sponsors of Terror -- But Not Iran?

Opinion | Clare M. Lopez
Iran's President Hassan Rouhani speaks during a news conference in Islamabad, Pakistan, March 26, 2016. REUTERS/Faisal Mahmood/File Photo

The Obama administration is racing to complete its blueprint for a Middle East subordinated to Iran’s nuclear-powered hegemony

Border Patrol Caught Nearly 1,000 Illegals From Terror-Linked Countries In Last Two Years

US | Christian Datoc
Undocumented immigrants are led after being caught and handcuffed by Border Patrol agents near the U.S.-Mexico border on April 13, 2016 in Weslaco, Texas

816 from countries where ISIS ‘has launched attacks and carried out recruitment operations’

How The U.S. Didn't Enforce Its Own Court Rulings Against Iran

Opinion | Donald J. Mihalek
ran's parliament speaker Larijani, Iran's Supreme Leader Khamenei, and Iranian President Rouhani attend Supreme Leader’s meeting with authorities of the country and ambassadors of Islamic countries, in Tehran

As a nation, shouldn’t American victims’ interests come first?

Professor Accuses Trump Of 'Terrorism' At Law School Where Entire Class Received Anal Beads Video

Education | Eric Owens
Donald Trump Reuters/Eric Thayer

‘Trump puts out the dog whistle knowing that some dog will hear it’

At Least 23 Refugees Have Been Implicated In Terrorism In The U.S Since 2010

US | Alex Pfeiffer
Refugees (Shutterstock)

‘America will not isolate me from my Islamic duty’

Report: Over 1000 Spies Sent to Rio Games

Sports | Rebecca Rainey
2016 Rio Olympics: BMX athlete bounces back

“human intelligence, spy satellites, electronic eavesdropping, and cyber and social media monitoring”

South Korea Confronts Islamist Terror

Opinion | Paul Sung
A still image taken from video of the SITE Intel Group's Twitter page shows an undated photo of a man with a gun

At least three South Korean citizens have attempted to join ISIS.

British Police To Investigate Fatal Knife Attack As Possible Terrorism

World | Kerry Picket
London Metropolitan Police (YouTube Screen Capture ViperUK)

‘Terrorism is one possibility being explored at this stage’

Video Proof That Obama Can't Bring Himself To Say 'Radical Islamic Terrorism'

Politics | Mike Raust

It happened again just last month

Pope Says 'Wrong' To Equate Islam With Terrorism, Blames Economic Forces

World | Campbell North
Pope Francis visits the Campus Misericordiae during World Youth Day in Brzegi near Krakow

‘If I speak of Islamic violence, I should speak of Catholic violence. Not all Muslims are violent, not all Catholics are violent’