Ohio Man Sentenced To Six Years In Prison For Attempting To Provide Support To ISIS

US | Henry Rodgers
Lifetime of court supervision

US Citizen Found Guilty Of 'Attempting to Provide Material Support to ISIS'

National Security | Jessica Jenkins
He tried to cross the border into Syria

'Fox & Friends' Host Calls France's Terror Problem A 'Slow-Motion 9/11'

Media | Virginia Kruta
'They're not taking it seriously.'

Bloomberg: 'Epidemic Of Dishonesty' Is Greater Threat Than Communism, Terrorism

Politics | Virginia Kruta
'The only thing more dangerous...'

American Terror Victims — Like Me — Must Be Part Of Any New Deal With Iran

op-ed | Brian Welch
My father, Kenneth Welch, was murdered by a suicide bomber who drove a bomb-laden truck into a U.S. embassy

Hezbollah Crime-Terror Network Poses Big Concerns, Should Be Focus At Summit Of The Americas

op-ed | J. D. Gordon
Time for partner nations throughout the Americas to stamp out crime-terror networks like Hezbollah

An Open Letter To The Saudi Crown Prince

op-ed | Terry Strada
Allies don’t hire foreign agents to lie and deceive

Putin Ordered Suspected Terrorist-Controlled Plane Shot Down

World | David Krayden
‘I told them: act according to the plan.’

FACT CHECK: Did Terrorist Groups Target Dianne Feinstein?

Politics | Emily Larsen
She used to carry a gun

Pennsylvania Shooter Was Targeting Police Officers

US | Henry Rodgers
'Investigation will continue'

Don't Be Alarmed But Agro-Terrorism Could Be DISASTROUS For America's Food Supply Chain

op-ed | Kyle Landry and Greg Keeley
The resources needed by ISIS or Antifa to attack our food supply are by no means prohibitive

Iraqi Refugee Sentenced For Trying To Help ISIS

National Security | Alex Pfeiffer
'Al Hardan’s actions were treacherous'

Trump's Desired Immigration Reforms Could Have Stopped Last Two Terror Attacks

National Security | Alex Pfeiffer

Here's What A North Korean Terrorist Had To Say About Trump's State Sponsor Of Terror Designation

World | Ryan Pickrell
'North Korea has always been a terrorist nation'

Tank Blows Suicide Bomber Sky High Seconds Before Terrorist Attack

Video | Liam Clancy

Troubling New Data About The Diversity Visa Lottery

US | Alex Pfeiffer
'Any potential terrorist who did win the diversity visa lottery could live here freely'

Pass the RAISE Act To End The Diversity Visa Lottery

op-ed | Rep. Francis Rooney
Immigration needs to respect our national security and reflect our 21st century economy.

US Muslims Fear Backlash After Next Week's Car Bombing

Satire | Scoops Delacroix
'I may be deported, imprisoned, or worse'

Eyewitnesses Describe Running Away From NYC Terrorist

US | Kerry Picket
'When I came out of the school gates I heard a big loud bang'

Oxford University Suspends Staffer With Alleged Links To Islamic Terrorism

World | Ian Miles Cheong
The Oxford Staffer who spent time in Italian prisons is said to have been a jihadist.

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