Illegal Immigrant Separated From Down syndrome Child, Detained As Smuggling Witness

US | Grace Carr
'Criminal history'

Nonprofit To Get $458 Million For Migrant Housing Centers

Politics | Will Racke
More beds needed

FLASHBACK: Los Federales Took This American Woman's Kids Away For Letting Them Walk Home Alone

US | Grace Carr
'Free-range parenting'

Why Weren't Liberals Furious About These Photos Of Illegal Immigrant Detentions Under Obama?

Politics | Benny Johnson
Photos of the facilities from 2014

Antifa Students Working With 'Trusted Radicals' To Blast Out ICE Text Alerts

Education | Rob Shimshock
'No one is illegal!'

5 Killed When SUV Packed With Illegal Immigrants Crashes On Texas Highway

US | Will Racke
'We've seen this many, many times'

Abortion Clinics File Lawsuit Against Texas Over Abortion Restrictions

US | Grace Carr
'Cannot stand now'

Pence Praises Southern Baptists For Renewing America And Preaching Christ

US | Joshua Gill
'Preach the word. In season and out of season.'

Schumer Botches Punchline On The Senate Floor, Disappoints Texas

| Virginia Kruta
He delivered the insult backward

District Renames Stonewall Jackson Elementary School After A Bird

Education | Rob Shimshock
Name changes estimated to cost $150,000

Obamacare Could Be Having It's Last Dance

Politics | Robert Donachie
It is looking that way...

Baylor University Won't Approve Conservative Club. And It Won't Say Why Not

Education | Grace Carr
'Remains under review'

New Report Shows Fracking Has Been A Big Boon For Texas Manufacturers

Energy | Chris White
'All aspects of manufacturing are benefiting'

Abortion Groups Are Spending Money On Congressional Races In These States

Politics | Grace Carr
Millions and millions

A Health Care Company Almost Killed A Baby To Save $500 A Day

Health | Julia Cohen
Now lives in a permanent vegetative state

'Break Her Down': Southern Baptist Leader Covered Up Sexual Abuse Allegations, Seminary Says

US | Chuck Ross
Paige Patterson was fired from top seminary over mishandled rape cases

The Two Biggest US States Face Rolling Blackouts If Summer Is Bad

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Sizeable gap in generation resources

New Poll Shows Good News For Ted Cruz As Dems Stumble Toward Mid-Terms

Politics | Chris White
Cruz has captured an 11 point lead

You Gotta Hear Texas Democrat Gubernatorial Candidate's Excuse For Owing $12k In Back Taxes

Politics | Virginia Kruta
She's blaming Governor Abbott...

Shaun King Falsely Accuses Texas State Trooper Of Sexual Assaulting Woman

US | Chris White
He 'didn't like her attitude'

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