Former NBC Anchor And Tom Brokaw Accuser Linda Vester Thinks NBC's Report On Sexual Harassment Was 'Deeply Flawed'

US | Nick Givas

‘This is a news organization that is supposed to be about the truth’

MEDIA MADNESS: Journos Left Reeling From WHCD And MSNBC's Major Cohen Correction

Media | Amber Athey
Morning Joe Tries To Shame Rudy Giuliani For Defending Trump - MSNBC 5-3-18 (Photo: Screenshot/MSNBC)

The good, the bad, and the ugly from the media this week

The Daily Daily Caller Podcast: Bibi Exposes Iran -- And Obama

Politics | Derek Hunter
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu talks with U.S. President Barack Obama at the Mount Herzl national cemetery during the funeral of former Israeli president Shimon Peres on September 30, 2016. REUTERS/Menahem Kahana/Pool

His signature foreign policy achievement is crumbling

Him Too? Tom Brokaw Accused Of Unwanted Advances By Female NBC Employee

Media | Derek Hunter
NBC News has been hit hard by the #MeToo scandal

NBC's Brokaw: 'Emotional' Gun Owners Can't Talk To Others On A 'More Reasonable Ground'

Media | Justin Caruso

‘We can’t have that conversation because…’

Tom Brokaw BULLDOZES The Berkeley Protesters -- 'OUTRAGEOUS'

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Violence only feeds the beast…’

BuzzFeed Ben Explains Why They Posted Dossier: CNN Did It First

Politics | Katie Frates
Buzzfeed editor in chief Ben Smith (Credit: REUTERS/Gus Ruelas)

‘We hadn’t anticipated what actually happened…’

'Nothing To It': Tom Brokaw Took The Trump Russia Memo To A Senior Intel Source

Politics | Katie Frates

‘It’s not even reportable because we don’t have the verification of the various charges’

Is CNN's Brian Stelter Vying For A Job In Hillary's Press Office?

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein
Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leaves her daughter's apartment building after resting on September 11, 2016, in New York

Media host gets pummeled for downplaying candidate’s health issues.

Media Watchdog Blasts Bloggers In Their 'Underwear'

US | Steve Guest

‘We have to be careful’

NBC's Brokaw Calls For Banning Gun That Doesn't Exist

US | Steve Guest

Wants to ban the ‘AR-14’

David Letterman Reveals What He Really Thinks About Donald Trump

Entertainment | Katie Jerkovich
David Letterman's last opening monologue
'Good Luck'

Letterman Blasts Colbert: 'I Don't Know Why They Didn't Give My Show To A Woman'

Entertainment | Steve Guest

‘There should be more women’

'An Evening With Ron Fournier'

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein


Brokaw Blasts CNBC Moderators: 'They Should Be Seen But Not Heard'

Politics | Steve Guest

There are also ‘too many people on the stage’

Tom Brokaw: Trump Speaks To Many Upset Americans

Elections | Steve Guest

Trump is right when he says, ‘I’m not going to be owned by anybody’