Is This Why Ex-Iowa Sen. Tom Harkin Endorsed Hillary For President?

Elections | Chuck Ross

‘Sometimes things are what they look like’

Ex-Senator Who Backs Hillary Is Trying To Talk Biden Out Of Running For President

Elections | Chuck Ross
Joe Biden whispering to Hillary Clinton. (Mannie Garcia/Bloomberg News via Getty Images)

‘Don’t think this would be a wise move’

Ex-Senator Endorsing Hillary Sought Out State Department Job For His Daughter In 2009

Elections | Chuck Ross

Hillary got Tom Harkin’s daughter a job

After Lobbying Hillary, Democratic Senator's Daughter Was Hired At State Dept

Politics | Chuck Ross
Hillary Clinton spends GOP debate at Hollywood fundraiser

Sen. Tom Harkin’s daughter got job despite ‘limited number of slots’

Obamacare Author: 'We Blew It' On Health Care

Politics | Sarah Hurtubise
President Barack Obama speaks about immigration reform in Chicago

Harkin: ‘We should have either done it the correct way or not done anything at all’

Joni Ernst: Democrats Believe 'You Can't Be A Real Woman' If You're Conservative

Politics | Alex Griswold

‘If my name had been John Ernst … Sen. Harkin would not have said those things’

Harkin's Comments About Joni Ernst's Looks Will 'Backfire,' Says 'Morning Joe'

Video | Derek Hunter

‘Can you imagine a female candidate saying this…’

Republicans Looking For A Little HELP Tuesday

Politics | Connor D. Wolf

A committee with jurisdiction over Obamacare, unions hangs in the balance

It Cost $50,000 To Jet The Clintons To Iowa Campaign Event

Politics | Chuck Ross

Only the food cost more

Reporters In Iowa Have Sticky Relationship With The Clintons

The Mirror | Betsy Rothstein

Friction ensues as press are treated like animals

Hillary Clinton Returns To Iowa: 'I'm Back!'

Politics | Alex Pappas

First time in Hawkeye State since 2008 loss

Braley Agonistes: Republican Senate Candidate Mark Jacobs Is Putting Iowa In Play

Opinion | Ike Brannon

Joni Ernst is entertaining, but she can’t win.

Iowa's Joni Ernst: The Next Rubio?

Opinion | Cliff Smith

The obscure state legislator with a hot pig-castrating ad rockets to the top of the polls.

Senate Democrats To Hold Hearing Against E-Cigarettes

US | Breanna Deutsch

Hope to regulate like tobacco

Dems Lash Out After Minimum Wage Bill Defeat

US | Breanna Deutsch
Harry Reid pauses during remarks to reporters after their weekly party caucus lunch meeting at the U.S. Capitol in Washington

‘They said no to helping millions work their way out of poverty’

Small Business Group Works Against Minimum Wage Hike

Business | Breanna Deutsch

‘They are just piling it on the small businesses’

Harry Reid politicizes minimum-wage workers

Opinion | Katherine Rosario

If he cares so much about raising the minimum wage, why hasn’t he held a vote yet?

Senate Democrats: e-cigs are 'candy-flavored poisons'

US | Breanna Deutsch

‘These products are taking advantage of the regulatory vacuum’

Over 500 economists sign open letter opposing a federal minimum wage increase

Business | Breanna Deutsch
President Barack Obama looks for gifts for his family with salesperson Susan Panariello after stopping off at the GAP in New York

‘Business owners saddled with a higher cost of labor will need to cut costs, or pass the increase to their consumers’

Democratic senators introduce bill regulating e-cigarette advertising

Daily Caller News Foundation | Breanna Deutsch
U.S. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), chairman of the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, speaks during the nomination hearing for Gina McCarthy to be administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), on Capitol Hill in Washington April 11, 2013. REUTERS/Joshua Roberts
'This bill will help protect our children'