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An Avalanche Of Global Warming Alarmism Is About To Hit

op-ed | Tom Harris and Tim Ball
No one should take UN climate forecasts seriously.

Pruitt Is Right To Withdraw Obama's 'Clean Power Plan'

op-ed | Tom Harris
The climate scare is one of the greatest deceptions in history.

Hurricanes Are Not The Result Of Climate Change

Opinion | Madhav L. Khandekar & Tom Harris
We need to develop improved early-warning systems. Worrying about CO2 emission reduction is a wasteful distraction from this.

The UN Climate Panel Cannot Be Trusted

Opinion | Tom Harris and Tim Ball
The IPCC exaggerates scientific consensus was reached before the research had even begun.

No matter what Al Gore says, truth does not apply to science

Opinion | Tom Harris
No matter what the former VP says, truth and scientific theory are distinct concepts.

Time To Debunk Misguided Science Underpinning The Paris Climate Agreement

Opinion | Tom Harris and Tim Ball
Why are we spending billions of tax dollars on such an uncertain cause?

Killing The Paris Agreement Is Not Enough

Opinion | Tom Harris
Like dandelions, UN climate treaties must be pulled out by the roots.

Earth Day Must Divorce Itself From The Climate Scare

Opinion | Tom Harris
The event must re-focus on known environmental problems.

Pruitt Is Right To Call For A Climate Debate

Opinion | Tom Harris
Dems abandon their principles in EPA Administrator hearing.

Trump Must Cancel America's Participation In All UN Global Warming Scares

Opinion | Tom Harris
Withdrawing from the Paris Agreement is just the first step.

DiCaprio Climate Catastrophe Film Boosts Clinton Campaign

Opinion | Tom Harris
The 'docuganda' appears to be riddled with mistakes

Judges Must Understand: Climate Rules Are Irrational

Opinion | Tom Harris
Most people across the world do not care about climate change.

Trump Needs Help To Stay The Course On Climate Change

Opinion | Tom Harris
Canada's Stephen Harper set an example GOP presumptive nominee must not follow

Free Speech Must Apply To Climate Change Debate

Opinion | Tom Harris
No matter what eco-activists say, truth does not apply to science

Ontario's Green Energy Fiasco -- A Cautionary Tale For The United States

Opinion | Tom Harris
The provincial government overrules dozens of communities who said no to wind

Lying To Boost The Climate Scare

Opinion | Tom Harris
Media, activists fabricate Pope’s message to Congress to support their crusade

Climate Duckspeakers And Relearning The Lessons Of Orwell's 1984

Opinion | Tom Harris
Ducks dominate climate debate

Hoodwinked By The Press On Lima Climate Agreement

Opinion | Tom Harris
‘Firewall’ between developed and developing countries as strong as ever.

U.S. Must Reject The Green Climate Fund And Its Indulgence Scheme

Opinion | Tom Harris
Berlin conference should zero out all climate pledges

Defending Coal Takes Courage: Grimes Must Ignore Climate Change Political Correctness

Opinion | Tom Harris
Unless Grimes and the UMWA contest the science, they can't save the coal industry

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