The Tom & Bernie Show Is Hilarious

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
No bull$#!+

New DNC Chair Tom Perez Goes On Reboot Tour, Gets Booed

Politics | Peter Hasson

Absolutely brutal

Dems Put Hope Into Former Hill Staffer To Win Special Congressional Election

Elections | Kerry Picket
Newly elected Assistant Democratic National Chair, Keith Ellison (L) and newly elected Democratic National Chair, Tom Perez speak with the press during the Democratic National Committee winter meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. February 25, 2017. REUTERS/Chris Berry
'It's a bellwether for what the Democratic Party is going to be about'

'APOLOGIZE' -- RNC Chair SAVAGES DNC Chair For Saying GOP Doesn't 'Give A S**t About People'

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘The Democrats are the minority party because of comments like those…’

DNC Chair Perez Calls On All Staffers To Resign

Politics | Kerry Picket

Elections have consequences

Author Breaks Down Who Is Organizing The 'Resistance' Against Trump

Politics | Ginni Thomas

‘Terrorize the squishy Republicans’

What Bernie Supporters? New DNC Chair SQUIRMS When Pressed On Sen. Sanders

Politics | Ian Mason

‘Why doesn’t the DNC yet have Senator Sanders’s email list?’

New DNC Chair Calls Trump Liar, Says He Rigged Election

Politics | Ted Goodman
Democratic National Chair, Tom Perez: REUTERS/Chris Berry, Chuck Todd of NBC's Meet the Press: REUTERS/James Lawler Duggan

‘He hasn’t proposed anything but chaos and carnage’

DNC Elects Pro-TPP Establishment Democrat As Its New Chairman

Politics | Ted Goodman
Tom Perez addresses the audience after being elected Democratic National Chair during the Democratic National Committee winter meeting in Atlanta, Georgia. February 25, 2017. REUTERS/Chris Berry

‘Critical to our 21st century competitiveness’

New DNC Chair Won't Say If The DNC Cheated Bernie Sanders

Politics | Peter Hasson

‘the process was rigged’

Tom Perez Squeaks Past Keith Ellison To Win Race For DNC Chairman

Politics | Chuck Ross

Ex-Obama official wins on second round of voting

Dems Rally For Top Two Candidates For DNC Chair As Race Tightens

Elections | Kerry Picket

‘We would be eager to engage in that conversation’

Ellison Likely To Win DNC Chairmanship

Politics | Phillip Stucky
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

It won’t be easy

Progressive Protesters Disrupt DNC Chair Candidate

Politics | Phillip Stucky
Protesters hold placards as they stand together in Sydney, Australia, February 4, 2017 during one of several rallies across Australia condemning U.S. President Donald Trump's order temporarily barring refugees and nationals from seven countries and demanding an end to Australia's offshore detention of asylum seekers. REUTERS/David Gray

‘Resist Trump or be replaced’

Tom Perez Backpedals After Saying Dem Primary Was Rigged For Hillary

Politics | Chuck Ross
U.S. Labor Secretary Tom Perez speaks in support of U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally at the Laborers International Union hall in Las Vegas, Nevada February 18, 2016. REUTERS/David Becker
'The process was rigged'

Former Obama Officials Are Losing It Over Trump's Visa Ban

Politics | Katie Frates
People protest against the travel ban (CREDIT: REUTERS/Yeganeh Torbati)

‘This is stone cold crazy’