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EXCLUSIVE: Leaked Memo Reveals Extent Of Steyer's Involvement In The Anti-Exxon Campaign

Energy | Chris White
They sought to 'target Exxon management'

Michigan Coal Workers Brace For Another Plant Closure

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'We may pass a reliability and resiliency crisis point'

Study Finds Tom Steyer's Energy Initiative Won't Actually Make A Difference

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'Beware the fast talk and too-good-to-be-true claims of an initiative based on lies'

Report: Banning Oil And Gas Production In Colorado Would Cost The State Billions

Energy | Tim Pearce
'The biggest takeaway is the staggering dollar amount'

Tom Steyer Group Hiring Criminals To Promote Renewable Energy

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'We’re talking about convictions for crimes such as murder'

Tom Steyer's Effort To Mobilize Youths On Global Warming Hasn't Worked Very Well, New Research Suggests

Energy | Michael Bastasch
'Millennials demonstrate similar or less engagement on global warming'

Tom Steyer: Two-Thirds Of People Who Signed Trump Impeachment Petition Don't Vote

US | Julia Nista
'It's a spur for them to go to the polls'

Tom Steyer: Dems Who Don't Back Impeachment Crusade Are On The Wrong Side Of History

Politics | Chris White
'You have normalized this presidency'

Economics Professor: Divestment Campaigns Don't Work

Energy | Jason Hopkins
But he does want to see cleaner energy

Green Organizations Discovered To Be Invested In Fossil Fuels

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'It’s a just a shame they won't admit it publicly'

Tom Steyer's Wife Protests Fossil Fuels By Resigning Position One Day Early

Energy | Jason Hopkins
She is doing her part to protect the environment

Tom Steyer-Backed Group Allegedly Using Convicted Felons To Gather Signatures

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Which would be a crime

Tom Steyer Successfully Forcing Michigan Customers To Pay For Renewable Energy

Energy | Jason Hopkins
Electricity costs will rise

Maxine Waters Gets Applause From DNC Brass After Calling For Trump's Ouster

Energy | Chris White
'He must be impeached'

Podcast: Not One Elected Dem Attended The US Embassy Ceremony In Jerusalem. Why Is That?

Politics | Derek Hunter
Why is that? Plus, a liberal billionaire says Trump is almost like Hitler

Crowd Cheers At Tom Steyer Town Hall When Woman Couldn't Find Difference Between Trump And Hitler

Politics | Jason Hopkins
'That’s what Hitler did – tore families apart'

Tom Steyer's Latest Attack On The GOP Crosses A Major Line

Politics | Peter Hasson
'smearing millions of Americans with patently false accusations'

Environmentalist Organization Bankrolled By Big Money

Energy | Jason Hopkins
'It’s amazing that ERI has largely flown under the radar for so long'

Tom Steyer Continues To Hold Town Halls In Key States As Elections Approach

Energy | Chris White
'We’ve seen more than enough'

Tom Steyer Endorses Lawmaker Behind California's Unpopular Gas Tax Increase

Energy | Chris White
'We share a lot of values'

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