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Billionaire Environmentalist Hits Cory Gardner With First Attack Ad

Colorado Senate race may be most expensive

Tom Steyer: Environmentalists 'Are The Biggest Drop-Off Voters'

So the new plan is to get them off the couch in November

Jimmy Carter Pushes For A Carbon Tax To Fix Global Warming

‘The biggest problem we have right now is some nutcases in our country who don’t believe in global warming’

Liberal Billionaire Tom Steyer's Attacks Ads Keep Getting Rated 'False'

Tom Steyer

Environmentalist attacks leave out ‘crucial context’

Liberal Billionaire To Flood Washington, Florida With Green Campaign Cash

Tom Steyer wants to make global warming a top issue

Leaked Memo Gives Away Dem's 'Extreme Weather' Talking Points

‘Climate change poses an increasing threat to the federal government’s already challenging long-term fiscal outlook’

THE COLOR OF MONEY: US, Foreign Billionaires Pay Greens To Push EPA Policies

File photo shows environmentalists rallying and calling on U.S. President Barack Obama to reject the Keystone XL pipeline

Environmentalist donors described as ‘an elite group of left-wing millionaires and billionaires’

Is There A Coming Energy Crisis?

U.S. President Obama gestures while participating in the 70th French-American Commemoration D-Day Ceremony at the Normandy American Cemetery and Memorial in Colleville-sur-Mer

Regs ‘threaten the abundant, reliable and affordable electricity Americans have come to rely upon’

White House, Liberal Billionaire Launch Global Warming Scare Campaign

(Photo: Reuters)

‘Risky Business’ seeks to quantify the economic damage

Hank Paulson Pushes Carbon Tax To Avoid 'Climate Bubble'

Henry Paulson

‘The solution can be a fundamentally conservative one that will empower the marketplace’

Colorado Democratic Senator Votes Against Keystone Pipeline, Again

Demonstrators protest against Keystone XL oil pipeline in San Francisco

GOP challenger: Udall’s vote is a ‘Keystone cop-out’

Environmentalists Blunder On Monterey Shale Oil Claims

People protest against fracking in California

Could Tom Steyer be wrong?

The Environmental Hypocrisy of Tom Steyer

Tom Steyer

His efforts are about social climbing and celebrity, not a cleaner environment.

Kerry Calls For Energy Integration, No Mention Of Keystone XL

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry holds a news conference at the U.S. Embassy in Juba

‘World’s new energy map is no longer centered in the Middle East’

Colorado Liberals Courting Deep, Out-Of-State Pockets

An oil derrick is seen at a fracking site for extracting oil outside of Williston

Activists meet for ‘informational interview’ with Tom Steyer reps

Democrats' Billionaire Sugar Daddy Challenges Koch Brothers To A Debate

You’ll never guess who he wants to moderate

Anti-business Obama strikes again

Tom Steyer

His Keystone veto reminds firms he just doesn’t care.

Harry Reid hypocrisy on billionaire donors?

Screen Shot 2014-03-31 at 5.07.35 PM

Groups points out connection to liberal billionaire Tom Steyer

Poll: 51 percent of Americans aren't worried about global warming

U.S. Senator Whitehouse and Senators from the Senate Climate Action Task Force gather on Capitol Hill in Washington

‘Climate change and the quality of the environment rank near the bottom’

Senate Republicans accuse Dems of using 'climate talkathon' to suck up to megadonor

Lisa Murkowski CNN

‘A waste of time and more hot air … to satisfy their liberal donor’