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Here's The Heartfelt Letter Tony Romo Just Wrote For Jason Witten

Sports | Jena Greene
'It's hard to describe how special Jason Witten is'

I Don't Feel Bad For Tony Romo After His Garbage Golf Performance On The Tour Today

Sports | Jena Greene
And you shouldn't either

Deion Sanders Goes Head To Head With Romo [VIDEO]

Sports | Katie Jerkovich
'You ain't won nothing'

Is There Any Chance Tony Romo Is Coming Out Of Retirement?

Sports | David Hookstead
It could happen

Tony Romo Hints At NFL Return

Sports | David Hookstead
Should he return?

Brent Musburger Doesn't Like Tony Romo's NFL Commentating

Sports | David Hookstead
Does he have a point?

Is Tony Romo The Greatest Football Commentator To Ever Live?

Sports | David Hookstead
He's incredible

Tony Romo To Take Another Swing At The US Open

Sports | Ford Springer
He's no slouch

See What Tony Romo Looks Like In A Dallas Mavericks Uniform

Sports | David Hookstead
He was once a basketball star too

Tony Romo Makes Official Decision If He Will Retire Or Continue Playing

Sports | David Hookstead
He's made a final decision...

Tony Romo Says Emotional Goodbye To The Dallas Cowboys

Sports | David Hookstead
Where will he go?

Tony Romo To Be Released By The Dallas Cowboys

Sports | Ford Springer
Let the Tony Romo recruiting madness begin...

Tony Romo's Wife Speaks Out About Him Losing His Starting Job

Sports | David Hookstead
She spoke the harsh truth

The Cowboys Quarterback Situation Takes A Surprising Twist

Sports | David Hookstead
This is a huge development...

NFL Ratings Never Recovered Following Kaepernick Fiasco

Sports | Ted Goodman
Who is killing the NFL?

Troy Aikman Reveals Who Would Likely Start If Cowboys Owner Decided

Sports | David Hookstead
Who should start?

Dallas Cowboys Reveal Who Will Be The Starting Quarterback Going Forward

Sports | David Hookstead
The decision is...

Calls Begin For Cowboys To Bench Dak Prescott For Tony Romo

Sports | David Hookstead
What is the right choice?

NFL Legend: Tony Romo's Time As A Star Is Over

Sports | David Hookstead
Is he right?

Tony Romo Delivers Emotional Statement On Quarterback Role

Sports | Ford Springer
'As hard as that is for me to say...'

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