Man Mowing His Lawn During Terrifying Tornado 'Was Keeping An Eye On It'

World | Ted Goodman
Tornado near highway. REUTERS/Jeff Piotrowski.

‘I was keeping an eye on it’

Professor Warns That Climate Change Will Now Destroy Us All With Tornadoes

US | Eric Owens

Wrath of climate change will feature bigger, badder wind funnels

Video Captures Rare Twin Tornadoes Leveling Nebraska Town

US | Giuseppe Macri

‘By no means is it unprecedented. But we don’t see it often’

Classy Guy Asks Anchor Out On Live TV At Scene of Wildfire

Entertainment | Rachel Stoltzfoos

Says fire’s ‘pretty cool’

Watch Incredible footage from inside raging tornado

Tech | Eva Cover
Tornado video

Experience wind speeds of 150 to 175 miles per hour from the comfort of your home

OK tornado goes from 0 to 200 miles per hour in seconds

US | Taylor Bigler

Death toll from Monday’s killer tornado is at 24, including 7 children

Mo. Rep. Billy Long: Post-tornado Joplin voters won't be disenfranchised - TheDC

Elections | Matthew Boyle

Congressman disagrees with state-level Republicans who fret about poll access for displaced voters

The Redneck Guide To Emergency Preparedness - TheDC

Ammo & Gear Reviews | Mike Piccione

The aftermath of a natural disaster kind of reminds me of what happens when you put a hungry baby in a strip bar: everyone ends up confused, no one gets what they wanted and there is a lot of crying.

Rush Limbaugh takes to tornado-ravaged Joplin, Mo. with truckload of tea - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

Conservative talker personally delivers semi-truck full of new ‘Two If By Tea’ product on Independence Day holiday

Mass. towns digging out after tornadoes kill 4 - AP

US | admin

The tornado that ripped through the northeastern state injured hundreds, killed at least four, and pulverized towns

Student prohibited from graduation for Facebook comments - TheDC

US | Caroline May

‘Negative social media exchange’ over the school’s response to April 16’s tornado damage dooms student

Bill Nye 'The Science Guy': U.S. should lead on global warming and prevent more tornadoes - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

Scientist says it’s mathematically difficult to connect an isolated weather event to the climate change phenomenon, but does attribute increased water vapor in the atmosphere to frequency

NPR blogger doesn't understand why some doubt tornado-climate change connection - TheDC

US | Matthew Boyle

‘Here’s what I don’t get: What motivates a denier?’

House GOP waiting for Obama to ask how much aid Missouri needs - TheDC

Politics | Jonathan Strong

GOP leadership promising to offset funds with $1 billion Dept. of Energy cut

Mo. tornado single deadliest in US since 1950 - AP

US | Vince Coglianese

A tornado that killed 117 people in Missouri was the single deadliest twister in the past 60 years

Al Roker: Climate change bringing tornadoes to urban areas - TheDC

US | Jeff Poor

‘Climate change is such now that we are seeing this kind of weather not just in rural parts of our country, but in urban centers as well’