Business Insider Takes Down Conservative Column After Employees Revolt

Media | Joe Simonson
Several said they were offended

WHINY AND BROKEN: The Linguistic Minefield Of Today's Politically Correct Tranny

op-ed | Sophia Narwitz
All of this makes us look like the whiniest and most broken people on the planet

The Left Will Never Leave Conservatives Alone -- Even When They Surrender

Editorial | Scott Greer
'Leave us alone' no longer signals defiance

This Is How Society Should InterpretTransgenderism

op-ed | John Conlin
These individuals deserve far more from us

Expert Responds To America's 'Transgender Movement'

US | Grace Carr
'When it comes to human lives, it’s better to be correct than politically correct'

Canada Will Allow Transgender Prison Inmates To Be Housed According To Gender Identity

World | Ian Miles Cheong
In Canada, if a man identifies as a woman, he can be housed in a women's prison.

VICE Waypoint Accuses Video Game Of 'Transphobia,' Gets Eaten Alive By Transgender Community

Entertainment | Ian Miles Cheong
A virtue signal gone wrong.

Men Could Become Pregnant 'Tomorrow,' Says Fertility Professor

Health | Ian Miles Cheong
Just like Arnold Schwarzenegger in Junior.

University Of SF Professor Warns LGBT-Only Dorms Could 'Backfire' Because Of Bigots

Education | Ian Miles Cheong
It's open season for LGBT people in San Francisco, apparently.

Transgender Activist Assaults 60-Year-Old Woman At Gender Debate

World | Ian Miles Cheong
He assaulted the old woman in "self-defense."

Professor Wants Books With Transgender And 'Gender-Fluid' Characters In Preschools

US | Ian Miles Cheong
She says that the books will allow 'transchildren' to feel validated.

'Doctor Who' Writer Slammed For 'Transphobia'

Entertainment | Ian Miles Cheong
A writer for the popular British TV series was slammed for 'transphobic' comments.

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