Animals Are Dumb, But People Are Dumber

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Grizzly bear roaring
At least animals have an excuse

MSNBC Keeps Al Sharpton On The Bus, But Moves Him To The Back

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Rev. Al Sharpton attends a news conference in New York

Dismiss we much

Is Vester Lee Flanagan Another Jared Lee Loughner?

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Hint: Sounds like ‘know’

Lions Are Not Our Friends

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Cecil the lion is seen at Hwange National Parks in this undated handout picture
They are not plushies for you to kiss and hug and wuv

Team Hillary Uses A Whole Lot Of Brown Lipstick

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Hillary Clinton and Huma Abedin

How long until everybody else starts following the lead of the White House?

Animals Are Dumb

DC Trawler | Jim Treacher
(Photo: RAUL ARBOLEDA/AFP/GettyImages)

Hit paws

If You Think Government Should Ever Be Limited, You Want People To Die In Fires

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Homeowner Brad Craig, right, thanks departing firefighters who he said saved his home from a wildfire Saturday morning, Aug. 22, 2015, in Okanogan, Wash. Craig said that the team of firefighters saved his home from burning down after he saw flames advancing earlier that morning. Out-of-control blazes in north-central Washington have destroyed buildings, but the situation is so chaotic that authorities have "no idea" how many homes may have been lost.

Thank goodness for

Hillary Clinton Dances Her Troubles Away

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I wish those days could come back once more

Biden Vs. Trump?

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At this point, why not

Shaun King Isn't Sure Who His Dad Is

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50 Shades of Maybe

If Bruce Jenner Goes To Jail, Will He Get To Pick Boys' Or Girls'?

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Bruce Jenner auctions Olympic torch

Orange you wondering?