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Also, North Korea Is Threatening To Nuke The White House

Obama doesn’t like it there anyway, LOL

One Last Thing (For Now) About My Knee

If You're Pro-Life At UCSB And You're Assaulted, Get It On Video

YouTube is the best disinfectant

Rep. Jan Schakowsky (D-Imwit) Dares To #LiveTheWage

Jan Schakowsky

Witness her stunning act of bravery

Obama's Motorcade Blocks Pregnant Woman's Path To Hospital

Sheesh, lady, hold your water

The Sun Could've Destroyed Civilization Two Years Ago

Not a Syfy Original (yet)

Gowdy Grills IRS Commissioner Koskinen Some More

Well done

Yet Another Reason Not To Visit Official White House Website: It Spies On You

A bunch of pornographers are behaving more ethically than the Obama White House

Another Brief Conversation With Stephen King

What's going on under his dome?

A Brief Conversation With Stephen King

Stephen King Book.JPEG
Tea and unfamiliarity