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Poor loser calls SWAT on victor in video-game matchup

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PvP: Player vs. Punk

Obama skips his Auntie Zeituni's funeral to play golf


Secretary of State John Kerry longs for the simple, carefree days of the first Cold War

Governmentin' is hard, you guys

Media Matters' War on Women continues

David Brock
And continues, and continues

Today is Earth Day, and NASA requires you to care

Not About Space Anymore

Hey, they just found another Earthlike planet for us to destroy with our warming and climate-changing and such

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Live long and prosper, as long as you don't burn any carbon

Mentioning that Hillary Clinton will soon be a grandmother is ageist, because she's a Democrat

Class leader Hillary Rodham of Wellesley College t
Oh yeah, and sexist. Because she's a woman

Matt Labash is a Glasshole


This time, though, a different type of glass

Chocolate, strawberry, or Viagra?

All the great taste you expect from Viagra, with tons more calories

Caption this: Barry & Joe take a selfie

These 10 things are younger than Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton. Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images.

Why? Because 20 would take longer