WATCH: Gowdy Practically Confirms Sid Blumenthal Is Key Dossier Source

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Sidney Blumenthal (L), a longtime Hillary Clinton friend who was an unofficial adviser while she was secretary of state, arrives to be deposed in private session of the House Select Committee on Benghazi at the U.S. Capitol in Washington June 16, 2015. Congressional investigators had issued a subpoena seeking testimony from Blumenthal because he emailed private intelligence reports to Clinton on events in Libya before and after the deadly attacks by militants that killed four Americans including U.S. Ambassador to Libya Chris Stevens. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst -

‘He was an old friend who emailed her from time to time’

The Many Hairstyles Of Trey Gowdy [SLIDESHOW]

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I have to say; I respect his confidence and willingness to change it up.

Trey Gowdy Takes Democrats' Excuses For Burying The FISA Memo And Shoves It Right In Their Faces

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‘That’s how you get 7% public approval rating’

Trey Gowdy Gives Clues To What's In FISA Abuse Memo

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‘Do you want to know?’

'THE FIX WAS IN': Gowdy Slams Newly Revealed Texts Between FBI Officials

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After bombshell texts from FBI officials were revealed

TheDC Newsroom: The FBI Lovers' Texts Contained Something Worse Than D**k Pics

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50,000 texts, 5 months lost, and a growing scandal…

HUGE! Trey Gowdy Catches Anti-Trump FBI Agents Red Handed

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‘They were discussing…’

Gowdy: Democrats Want To Drag Out Russia Probe 'As Long As They Possibly Can'

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Says he’s still seen no evidence of collusion

Trey Gowdy Resigns From House Ethics Committee

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Trey Gowdy Gives Mueller Vote Of Confidence 'America's Newsroom' 10-25-17 (Screenshot-Fox News)

‘I tender my resignation’

Trey Gowdy Blasts Adam Schiff Over Statements About Trump-Russia Probe

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Says Schiff is eyeing California Senate seat