Tucker Exposes Guest Who Holds Murderers To Different Standards Based On Race

Politics | Mike Brest

‘Please convince the Democrats to run in defense of MS-13’

Tucker Destroys New Mexico Candidate Who Claimed AR-15 Can Fire 150 Rounds In 15 Seconds

Media | Julia Nista

‘People are laughing at you because you are ignorant’

Tucker Carlson Interviews Trump Campaign Advisor Who Claims The FBI Detained Him, Took His Phone Away

Politics | Julia Nista
Tucker Carlson interviews Ted Malloch, a former Trump campaign advisor who was detained by the FBI and had his phone taken from him. (Fox News/Screenshot)

‘They seem to know all the answers to the questions’

Tucker Gets Into Heated Exchange Over Immigrant Assimilation

Media | Julia Nista

‘You blow right past that’

Tucker Crushes Dem Strategist Over Whether Democrats Can Campaign On Basic Biology

Media | Julia Nista

‘Nobody imagined there were more than two sexes until 20 minutes ago…’

Tucker EXPLODES On The Real Winners In Affirmative Action College Admissions: 'Foreigners'

Education | Christian Datoc
Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

‘That’s why the admissions process is secret. So you won’t challenge it.’

Tucker Skins The Media For Its 'Corrupt' And 'Stupid' Coverage Of YouTube Shooting

Media | Christian Datoc
Tucker Carlson (Fox News)

‘This is MSNBc’s resident genius Nicolle Wallace…’

Tucker Smacked Jorge Ramos Like A Piñata - Only When He Popped, It Wasn't Candy That Came Out

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘Why was it a good idea to let this guy out of jail, Mr. Neck tattoo charged with homicide?’

Bzzzzzt! That's The Sound Of Tucker Shaving John Bolton's Mustache With Just Eight Words

Politics | Christian Datoc
Tucker Carlson, John Bolton (Fox News)

Whatever happened to those weapons of mass destruction, John???

'You Might Even Say They Hacked Our Democracy': Tucker Blasts DOJ Over Congressional Hack

Politics | Thomas Phippen

‘If the average joe were to do this stuff, they’d go straight to jail’

'Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Was The Play?' -- Tucker Makes Dem Rep Eat His Words On Gun Control

Politics | Christian Datoc

‘No, that was a part of the bill that I’m not calling for…’