FCC Commissioner Supports House Investigation Of Government Twitter Censorship

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘The federal government has no business getting involved’

Wendy Davis Tweets A Pic Of 'Supporters...' Who Are College Republicans

Politics | Alex Griswold

Yet another embarrassment from a desperate campaign

Congressman: 'Government Has No Business' Studying 'Social Pollution' On Twitter

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘The government has no business using taxpayer dollars to support limiting free speech on Twitter and other social media’

The Government Wants To Censor Social Media By Studying 'Social Pollution' On Twitter

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
A logo of Twitter is pictured next to the logo of Facebook in this illustration photo in Sarajevo

‘The concept seems to have come straight out of a George Orwell novel’

Monica Lewinsky Joins Twitter

Politics | Derek Hunter

The self-proclaimed ‘social activist’ dips her toe back in the Internet pool that destroyed her

All Of Your Twitter Pictures May Be About To Disappear Forever

Business | Derek Hunter

Twitpic is about to shutdown and delete everything.

Twitter Blocks Campaign To Save Pastors From Having To Hand Over Their Sermons

US | Patrick Howley

Government wants to know what pastors are saying about ‘gender identity’

Bizarro 'Zionist'-Hating Professor Who Tweeted Himself Out Of A Job Now Calls Civility 'REPRESSIVE'

Education | Eric Owens

‘Cheerleaders of civility have been utterly vicious’

Twitter Is Suing The US Government To Disclose How Much Information It Requests About You

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘We were being prohibited from reporting on the actual scope of surveillance of Twitter users by the U.S. government’

Taliban Spokesman Accidentally Reveals His Location On Twitter

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Claims it was part of an ‘enemy plot’

PayPal Co-Founder To Twitter: 'You Could Smoke A Lot Of Pot And Still Have A Great Company'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Twitter has a fantastic business model’

The Daily Caller Remembers That Time Obama Bragged That He Ended The Iraq War

Politics | Eric Owens
Twitter, Getty Images/Alex Wong, AFP/Getty Images

‘Change We Can Believe In’ until jihadis take over

PayPal Co-Founder Says Twitter Is 'Horribly Mismanaged' Because Of Execs 'Pot-Smoking'

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘It’s a horribly mismanaged company — probably a lot of pot-smoking going on there’

9/11 Rumor About Chemical Plant Explosion, Toxic Gas Release Goes Viral

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

‘Spookiest thing happening today…’

ISIS Now Threatening Twitter Employees For Shutting Down Terrorist Accounts

Video | Sarah Hurtubise

Shocker: Twitter shut down that account too

Obama Taps Former Google, Twitter Execs For White House's Top Tech Jobs

Tech | Giuseppe Macri

Administration looks to Silicon Valley to fill more roles

Twitter Forces Twitpic To Shut Down Over Trademark Dispute

Tech | Giuseppe Macri
Twitpic logo twitpicdotcom

‘We do not have the resources to fend off a large company like Twitter’

Ivy League Professor Tweets Then Deletes Racial Tweet

Education | Eric Owens

Then she blocked her Twitter page AGAIN

Feminists And Anti-Feminists Continue To Battle It Out On Twitter

US | Rachel Stoltzfoos
(Photo: Flickr/Creative Commons/Fibonacci Blue)

‘I think a man should pay for the dates and all the other kinds of dried fruit’