u s chamber of commerce

Chamber Of Commerce Asks Congress For Permanent DACA, TPS Amnesty

Politics | Will Racke
'Meeting their workforce needs'

A Record Number Of Small Businesses Are Raising Wages Amid Tight Labor Market

Business | Will Racke
'No signs of abating'

Trump Just Endorsed Raising The Gas Tax By 25 Cents

Energy | Michael Bastasch
Federal gas tax would go to 43.3 cents a gallon

Pro-Amnesty Business Groups Denounce Cotton's Immigration Reform Bill

Politics | Will Racke
'Harmful for the economy'

U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Other Groups Urge Congress To Act After Trump Pulls The Plug On DACA

Politics | Eric Owens
'Children who were brought here by no fault of their own'

New Study Suggests Trump's Got A Good Reason To Go After China On Trade

World | Ryan Pickrell
Made in China 2025

Is America Too Good At Fracking?

Energy | Andrew Follett
'Investors right now across the board just hate natural gas'

Trump's EPA Repeals An Obama Methane Rule

Energy | Andrew Follett
These rules would have killed small oil companies

Economists: Fracking Created 4.6 Million Jobs And $3.5 Trillion In New Wealth

Energy | Andrew Follett
That's about 2.3 million new jobs a year.

Club For Growth: US Chamber of Commerce 'At Odds With Free-Market Conservatives'

Politics | JP Carroll
Statement made in response to TheDCNF interview with Chamber's senior political strategist

Chamber Of Commerce: Pushing Pro-Trade Agenda 'Is A Challenge' In 2016

Elections | JP Carroll
Wants to keep the Senate in pro-business hands

Motley Crew Of Organizations Join Forces, Fight Govt's Mass Collection Of Personal Data

Business | Eric Lieberman
US government often doesn't demonstrate 'why the gag order is necessary'

New Report Urges Dems To Tone Down Anti-Oil Rhetoric, Or Else

Energy | Chris White
'This is incredibly cynical, and it needs to change'

EXCLUSIVE: Feds Hide MILLIONS In Payments To Lawyers Suing Under Environmental Laws

Energy | Michael Bastasch and Ethan Barton
'It is quite concerning'

Feds Hand Over Nearly $50 MILLION In Environmental Lawsuits

Energy | Michael Bastasch and Ethan Barton
'There is zero accountability'

Feds Rule Unions No Longer Need Consent To Combine Workplaces

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'To Simply say this just goes back to the ways things were is not quite correct'

Medicare Advantage Faces Major Funding Threat, Coalition Fights Back

US | Juliegrace Brufke
The change could affect millions of seniors

The Problem Federal Labor Law Causes For Unions AND Employers

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'The restrictions ... are simply incompatible'

Americans HATE This Key Part Of Obamacare

Politics | Juliegrace Brufke
The tax was intended to generate $87 billion over the course of 10 years.

Obama: The Middle Class Was Built With A 'Union Label'

Business | Connor D. Wolf
'The middle class itself was built on a union label'

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