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Sessions Asks Supreme Court To Let Sanctuary Penalties Take Effect

Politics | Kevin Daley
DOJ urges justices to narrow lower court order enjoining DOJ sanctuary cities order

Supremes Hand Down Long-Awaited Decision On Partisan Gerrymandering

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justices punt on pair of landmark map challenges

FINALLY! Supreme Court Backs Accurate Voter Rolls and Honest Elections

Opinion | Ken Blackwell
Every legal vote must count and not be diluted by illegal ballots

Supreme Sell-Off: Justices Shed Stocks To Avoid Conflicts

Politics | Kevin Daley
Watchdogs encouraged, though hazards remain

FBI Law Breaking?! -- IG Revelations On Journalists Buttering Up Agents With MASSIVE Freebies Could Be A Federal Crime

Politics | Kevin Daley
IG promises further reports on potential leaks for gifts

Eye Drop Makers Are Ripping You Off

Opinion | Ronnie Shows
And, in a victory for ordinary Americans, Big Pharma will now have to defend its unfair practices

Supremes Axe Law Banning Political Apparel At Polling Places, Strike Blow For Free Speech

Politics | Kevin Daley
Minnesota actually forbade partisan clothing in voting precincts

Ted Cruz Makes A Big Supreme Court Announcement

Politics | Kevin Daley
Justice Cruz?

Interest Groups Key Up For The Next Supreme Court Fight

Politics | Kevin Daley
When will Kennedy go?

The Supremes Are Popular, But Ethics Concerns Abound, New Survey Shows

Politics | Kevin Daley
Who is the most popular justice?

Supremes Uphold Ohio Voter Purge Law

Politics | Kevin Daley
Critics charge Ohio process targets liberal voters

Supremes Poised For Blockbuster Finish As Current Term Nears Conclusion

Politics | Kevin Daley
Travel ban, forced union dues, partisan gerrymandering among remaining cases

'Unprecedented': Religious Dissenters Race To Claim 'Masterpiece' Decision In Ongoing Court Battles

Politics | Kevin Daley
But it's already been used against them

Flavors Of The Travel Ban In Masterpiece Cakeshop Decision

Politics | Kevin Daley
Here's where things could be headed

After Supreme Court Victory, Christian Baker Hopes To Reenter Wedding Business

Politics | Kevin Daley
'It was a big win for us'

Christian Baker Prevails At Supreme Court In Same-Sex Wedding Cake Dispute

Politics | Kevin Daley
Kennedy writes for 7-justice majority

Supremes Lift Decision Ordering Trump Administration To Facilitate Abortions For Alien Minors

Politics | Kevin Daley
Unanimous decision approves Trump DOJ request

Netflix's 'Making a Murderer' Shows Grim Reality Of False Confessions, Dassey Lawyers Tell Supreme Court

US | Kevin Daley
Justices mull Netflix docu-series

What This Abortion Case Tells Us About Justice Kennedy's Retirement Plans

Politics | Kevin Daley
Why did the liberal justices duck this abortion case?

Arkansas Effectively Banned Pill-Induced Abortions, And The Supremes Won't Stop It

Politics | Kevin Daley
Planned Parenthood is going ballistic

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