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UK coal industry is looking for a BAILOUT

Britain's PM Cameron attends the opening session of the Nuclear Security summit in The Hague

‘If the talks fail, the pits will close imminently’

Obama patronizes Britain and France with comparison to his daughters: 'I would never choose between them'

‘All of them are wonderful in their own ways’

UK gov't slashes global warming spending by 41 percent

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron addresses a news conference at the end of a European Union leaders summit in Brussels

The latest to cut back

Watching Europeans argue over reindeer meat this year is just delicious

Photo collage: Getty Images/Eva Mårtensson, YouTube screenshot/Domenic Marchione

‘Eating Rudolph at Christmas’ is ‘phenomenally popular’ apparently

Brits join Aussies, US in opposing climate 'reparations'

Britain's PM Cameron addresses a news conference during a EU leaders summit in Brussels

‘We don’t accept the argument on compensation. We never have and we are not intending to start now’

Innocent man dies after drinking pure crystal meth by accident

Police 'Operation Slab' Seize Methamphetamine And Weapons In Auckland

‘A completely unaccountable and unforeseen chain of events’

What are the benefits to global warming?

Climate change talks

The UK’s climate minister weighs in

This chart shows the incredible financial power of the English Premier League

Britain Soccer Premier League

The EPL clubs were the biggest spenders

Obama to go it alone in Syria after UK snub

Obama US Israel

UK parliament rejects David Cameron’s request 285 to 272

Socially conservative US politicians silent on UK porn restrictions

Family-oriented organizations support Cameron’s measures wholeheartedly

UK government invests over $90 million in new 'space race'

‘Spaceplane’ will be able to take off and land using runways

Call in sick: New study says work makes you miserable


Respondents in the UK survey preferred tedious chores to working

Woman who got government to pay for boob job wants them smaller now

UK 23-year-old wants taxpayers to foot the bill again, this time to reduce them

UK principal wants sex ed taught by porn stars

Parents are paying $43,000 per year to have their kids go to this school

UK also secretly gathering information through PRISM

Hong Kong US NSA Phone Records

‘Our work is carried out in accordance with a strict legal and policy framework’

British lawmakers demand cheaper alcohol at parliamentary bars - TheDCNF

People enjoy their beer outside a pub across from the Houses of Parliament in London, England, on Friday. Sang Tan/AP Images.

Taxpayers subsidize Parliament’s food and booze

Banged-up Brit hacker hacks into his own prison's 'mainframe'

A British Beefeater stands guard outside St. Paul's Cathedral. Getty Images.

Man hacked into computer system during an IT lesson

Is the US becoming the UK?

Italy Europe Financial Crisis United States.JPEG

“If you look at what’s happening in Britain right now you have a glimpse of what’s about to happen in the U.S,” states Peter Schiff

Disgruntled employee curates explicit Christmas light display in town square [VIDEO]

Who is in charge of putting up the lights in Brighton, UK’s town square?

The Daily Caller Podcast: Episode 2 - It's Wintour In England!

Obama US Britain.JPEG

Will the American ambassador to the UK wear Prada? The answer doesn’t lie within