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Instagram Is Turning UK Train Tracks Into Human Bug Zappers

Video | Anders Hagstrom
'You Vs. Train'

Transgender Prisoner Assaults Four Women Days After He Was Jailed

World | Grace Carr
13,800 male sex-offender inmates in prison

Trump Dropped BOMBS At The NATO Summit, But Did It Pay Off?

Video | Anders Hagstrom
Billions are on the line

Survey: More Women Would Prefer Going Shopping Over Having Sex

World | Gabrielle Okun
Vacation was also high on the list

Study: EU Migration To UK At Lowest Level Since 2013

World | Gabrielle Okun

UK Police Find 'Small Bottle' Of Deadly Nerve Agent In Latest Victim's House

World | Will Racke
'We cannot guarantee that there isn’t any more of the substance left'

Trump TOTALLY Unapologetic -- Throws Political Correctness Out The Window, Goes Off On Immigration

Politics | Justin Caruso
Calls immigration 'a very negative thing for Europe'

Melania High-Fives Veteran -- Steals The UK's Heart

Politics | Justin Caruso
Everyone loves her

In Landmark Decision, Judge Rules Heirs Can Access Deceased Relatives' Facebook Accounts

World | Kyle Perisic
'It's a verdict with very far-reaching consequences'

UK Watchdog Issues Facebook With Maximum Fine Of $644K

Tech | Kyle Perisic
The company is worth billions

UK Man Is Finally Conscious More Than A Week After Exposure To Deadly Nerve Agent

World | Evie Fordham
'Small but significant improvement'

US Embassy Tells US Citizens In London To 'Keep A Low Profile'

World | Evie Fordham
'Large gatherings that may become violent'

Former UK Defense Secretary Says Trump's NATO Criticisms Are Legitimate

World | Hanna Bogorowski
'I'm with the president on this'

'TURMOIL' – Trump Disrupts Tea Time, Calls Out The UK For Crime Wave, Political Trouble

Politics | Justin Caruso
He's not playing around

The U.K. Is Waging A Multi-Billion Dollar War To Get Rid Of The Combustion Engine

Energy | Tim Pearce
'Interventions are required if not enough progress is being made'

Brexit Officials Resign: PM Gave The EU 'Too Much, Too Easily'

World | Sharan Kumar
May's 'dangerous plans'

Nigel Farage Will Come Back To Fight On The Front Lines If 'Sellouts' Derail Brexit

World | Virginia Kruta
'My own red line'

'Significant Milestone': Starbucks Joins The Anti-Straw Craze

Energy | Chris White
'Served to our customers in more sustainable ways'

British Woman Dies After Exposure To Novichok Nerve Agent: Authorities

World | Ryan Pickrell
A murder investigation is underway

Moscow Denies Russian Involvement In Latest Novichok Poisoning As The UK Demands Answers

World | Ryan Pickrell
'How dumb do they think [Russia] is?'

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