'Brexit The Musical' Mocks UK Decision To Leave The EU

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Reuters/ Member of the cast James Witt performs as Boris Johnson in 'Brexit-The Musical' at the Edinburgh Fringe, in Edinburgh, Scotland, Britain August 11, 2017. Picture taken August 11, 2017. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

Bryant hopes to take his show to London

UK May Punish Companies For Getting Hacked

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Cybersecurity: Woman holding a smartphone with virus alert on the screen. [Shutterstock - Georgejmclittle - 319423463]

‘Power failures and environmental hazards’

UK Ex-Police Officer Jailed For Filming Couple Having Sex From Helicopter

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A stalker (Shutterstock/Andrey_Popov)

Known as the ‘team deviant’ by colleagues

Brits May Soon Have 'Right To Be Forgotten' From Social Media

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Facebook, Twitter, Google all on smartphone screen. [Shutterstock - ymgerman]

‘Give people more control over their data’

Scientists Criticize Media For Pushing Falsehoods On Vaping Study

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Vape shop.Modern vaping device maintenance & upgrade parts in close up. Buy popular ecig vaper device. Electronic cigarette gadget for smoking ejuice. Focus on dripper head with wire. (Shutterstock/hurricanehank)

‘Doesn’t prove’

UK Royals Commemorate 100th Anniversary Of One Of WWI's Most Hellish Battles

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The battlefield at Passchendaele (Wikimedia Commons)

Men and horses drowned in shell holes

Tony Blair Can't Be Prosecuted For Iraq War, British High Court Rules

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British Prime Minister Tony Blair (R) looks at U.S. President George W. Bush at a joint news conference in the East Room of the White House in Washington June 7, 2005. REUTERS/Jason Reed/File Photo

‘There is no crime of aggression’

Police Link Meeting Someone At The Gym To 'Right-Wing Extremism'

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Police officer (Shutterstock/studiostoks)

‘Do you think you could spot the signs of right-wing extremism?’

UK Reportedly Strips 150 Jihadis Of Their Passports

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A UK Border Agency worker poses with a passport during a demonstration of the new facial recognition gates at the North Terminal of Gatwick Airport near London, November 23, 2009. (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)

‘Will never be coming home again’

Study Looks To Cut Through Cloud Of Misinformation Surrounding E-Cigarettes

Daily Vaper | Steve Birr
French Designer Stephanie Marin, displays a "Sifflu", a twig-shaped vape alternative that it hopes will encourage better breathing habits in its users. in Nice, France, April 12, 2017. Picture taken April 12, 2017. REUTERS/Eric Gaillard

‘Switch to a safer source’

UK Gov't Plans For Electric Cars Will Cost $263 Billion

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Woman setting American one dollar bill on fire (Shutterstock/Tiffany Bryant)

Turns out, electric cars need more power

UK Expected To Send 'Colossal' Aircraft Carriers To Challenge China In The South China Sea

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The British aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth prepares for its maiden voyage after leaving its berth, in Rosyth, Scotland, Britain June 26, 2017. REUTERS/Russell Cheyne

‘In this part of the world, we see increasing tension, increasing challenges’

Vaping May Be A Game Changer For People With Mental Illnesses

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Electronic cigarettes are displayed in a shop in London, Britain on August 19, 2015. REUTERS/Neil Hall/File Photo

‘Reduce health inequalities’

Britain Bans New Gasoline Cars, Environmentalists Mad They Didn't Go Further

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No cars allowed sign, Not parking in area. (Shutterstock/WeStudio)

Could trash ‘800,000 jobs across the UK’

Trump Hopes To Snub 'Protectionist' EU In New Trade Deal With Great Britain

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Trump NATO Reuters/Matt Dunham

‘It’ll be a big trade deal—much, much more business than we do right now’

UK Gov't Considers Reforms That Would Let People Pick Their Legal Gender

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Gay pride flag. (Photo credit: Shutterstock/iri Flogel)

‘This has huge implications’

UK Will Keep Borders Open For Two Years After Brexit

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Britain's Prime Minister Theresa May addresses the country after Britain's election at Downing Street in London, Britain June 9, 2017. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth

The ‘softest of soft Brexits’

UK Aims To Slash Smoking Rates By Allowing Vaping In Public, Workplaces

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A vaper exhales a puff. Copyright: Rommel Canlas/Shutterstock.com

‘Focus on smoking, rather than on nicotine’