Guess Which Countries Are Ranked As More Free Than America

Daily Caller News Foundation | Casey Harper

‘The United States can no longer claim to be the leading bastion of liberty in the world’

Big Win For E-Cigarettes: Study Says Nicotine No More Dangerous Than Coffee

Business | Guy Bentley
File photo of a customer puffing on an e-cigarette at the Henley Vaporium in New York City

‘Getting people on to nicotine rather than using tobacco would make a big difference to the public’s health’

The U.K. Is Under Siege As Thousands Of Illegal Immigrants Try To Storm Tunnel From France

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Overcrowded train

Crushed to death as thousands attempt to board trains into UK

Obama Slammed By British Conservatives For Interfering In UK Referendum

Daily Caller News Foundation | Guy Bentley
Barack Obama Opportunity for All event

‘I accept that there may be some arguments for Britain staying in the EU. Humouring Barack Obama is not one of them’

British-Iraqi Girl Petitioning Gov't To Save Peers From Sexual Slavery By ISIS

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
Rozin Khalil Hanjool

‘A 12-year-old living in our village is pregnant…They’re scared the pregnancy might kill her’

Gay Pride Event Bans Drag Queens Because They Offend The Transgendered

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Drag queen/Wikimedia Commons

‘Transgender individuals do not feel as though their gender identity is a joke.’

UK Gets Tough On Homegrown ISIS Recruits

Daily Caller News Foundation | Ivan Plis
British Prime Minister David Cameron (R), looks at a computer as he speaks with Aysha Iqbal Patel (L) and Zahra Qadir, during a workshop about ways to report suspicious on-line activity, at Ninestiles Academy in Birmingham, central England, on July 20, 2015, before delivering a speech on counter radicalisation. (PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Cameron calls perverted Islam ‘root cause of the threat we face’

The UK Has Run Out Of Other People's Money To Spend On Green Energy

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron delivers a speech  at Dynamic Earth in Edinburgh, Scotland

‘Unless more money can be found, key projects… could be placed in jeopardy’

Fat Tax Fail: New Report Savages Government's War On Sugar

Daily Caller News Foundation | Guy Bentley
Soda fountain

‘Government intervention in the market can only be justified if there is a market failure and if government action will make a positive difference.’

If You Like Drinking, Beware Of The UK's New Minimum Wage

Business | Connor D. Wolf
German Oliver Struempfl competes to set a new world record in carrying one liter beer mugs over a distance of 40 m

‘Britain deserves a pay rise and Britain is getting a pay rise’

Court Forces Scholars To Pay Royalties For Quoting NAZIS

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
Nazi rally

Those darn Nazis

UK Minister: Treat Global Warming Like A Nuclear War

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Iranian opposition supporters stage a demonstration displaying a fake nuclear missile, ahead of ongoing nuclear talks between EU foreign ministers and Iran, in front of the European institutions, in Brussels, on March 16, 2015.

‘It is an approach that applies as much to climate change as to… preventing the spread of nuclear weapons’

The UK's Last Deep Coal Mine Is About To Close

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
A hard hat lies on top of a coal seam at a UK Coal mine in northern England, April 16, 2008. REUTERS/Phil Noble

‘The U.K. coal industry has been in structural decline for 40 years’

This Elite, Armed Unit Is The UK's Latest Step To Counter Terror Attacks

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
A policeman walks in front of the Houses of Parliament in London on November 9, 2011, as thousands of students prepare to march against cuts in tuition funding. Thousands of students headed to London on November 9 to march against cuts to higher education funding, as a huge police operation sought to head off any repeat of violent protests one year ago. Scotland Yard has deployed 4,000 officers to police the demonstration against cuts to university funding and a hike in tuition fees, which organisers expect about 10,000 students to attend. AFP PHOTO / GEOFF CADDICK (Photo credit should read GEOFF CADDICK/AFP/Getty Images)

London’s police force is largely unarmed

Turns Out Folks Can Still Buy All That Confederate Gear On Foreign Amazons

Business | Blake Neff
Confederate flag

Canadian, UK, and even German stores offer plenty of CSA products

Body On London Rooftop Is Man Who Fell From Plane

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff

Survives 8,000-mile flight and dies with five miles left

Gay Priest Sues His Own Church For Discrimination

World | Emmakristina Sveen
Steve Krout remains on the Pennsylvania State Capital steps following a rally with gay rights supporters in Harrisburg

‘Clergy do not have the option of treating the teachings of the Church as an a la carte menu’

UK Arrested Man For Supporting Jihadis It Might Have Also Supported

Daily Caller News Foundation | Erica Wenig
A rebel fighter from the "First Battalion" under the Free Syrian Army takes part in a military training on May 4, 2015, in the rebel-held countryside of the northern city of Aleppo. AFP PHOTO / BARAA AL-HALABI (Photo credit should read BARAA AL-HALABI/AFP/Getty Images)

‘Standing over dead bodies’

Man Banned From Naked Bike Ride For Being A Little TOO Excited

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff
World Naked Bike Ride, London, UK, 08/06/2013. (Photo by: PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images)

Eject the erect

Study Casts More Doubt On Global Warming Alarmism

Daily Caller News Foundation | Michael Bastasch
Al Gore: green house gases and sweat.

‘A brief respite from the persistent rise of global temperatures’