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As UK millionaires flee country over tax hikes, treasury loses billions

Britain Phone Hacking.JPEG

UK columnist calls British situation ‘a wake-up call to Barack Obama’s high tax America’

UK foster parents lose children after identifying with right-leaning political party - TheDC

PM David Cameron. Photograph: Sang Tan/AP

Social workers: Parents ‘unsuitable’ caregivers, libertarian UK Independence Party’s anti-EU policy ‘racist’

Forced-marriage parents face jail time in UK under new laws - BBC


Around 8,000 young British women are forced into marriages every year

Doctors in Britain to strike - TheDC

Medicare Doctors Pay

The strike will create a massive backlog that may affect wait times for months

British leaders launch crackdown, make unemployed work for benefits - TheDC

David Cameron

Welfare reform gets serious in the UK

3D camera, 'magic mirror' let women shop in virtual changing rooms - TheDC


‘It’s a great way to save time and allows you to scan through a large number of outfits very quickly’

British girl's unusual cravings: sponges and soap - TheDC

Kerry Tebilcock

Kerry Trebilcock has eaten 4,000 sponges since 2008

UK jury convicts couple of killing boy for 'witchcraft' - AP

Magalie Bamu

Couple beat boy as part of ‘deliverance’ ceremony, believed he had cast spells on another child in family

Adele flips off Brit Awards execs after speech is cut off - TheDC


Singer: ‘I’m sorry if I offended anyone but the suits offended me’

Iran cuts oil to Britain, France - AP

In this Sept. 27, 2000 file photo, an Iranian oil worker repairs a pipe at an oil refinery in Tehran. Iran has halted oil shipments to Britain and France, the Oil Ministry said Sunday, in an apparent pre-emptive blow against the European Union after the bloc imposed sanctions on Iran's crucial fuel exports. (AP Photo/Vahid Salemi, File)

Apparent pre-emptive blow vs. EU after sanctions imposed on Iran’s crucial fuel exports

White House national security adviser in Israel - AP

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U.S., Britain urge Israel not to attack Iran’s nuclear program

As Obama pushes new rules, UK eyes privatizing its health care - TheDC

Prime Minister David Cameron Visits Scotland

Health expert on US Democrats: ‘They don’t care whether the system really works or not. They have an ideological goal in mind’

UK judge: Social network sites differ from press


The judge also is considering whether nontraditional forms of media, such as blogs, should be submitted to any eventual new rules.

UK to allow commercial abortion clinics to advertise on radio, television - TheDC

Abortion protest

‘That abortions should be freely advertised on TV along with toothpaste and breakfast cereal says something very sad’

UK conservatives: No public funding for new royal yacht - AP

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It is estimated that a new yacht would cost at least $92 million

New Bachmann TV ad: I'm America's 'Iron Lady' [VIDEO] - TheDC

In 2nd Iowa TV ad, draws connection to former British PM Margaret Thatcher

Designer behind Apple's products knighted in UK - AP

Apple Archives

‘Design, as well as software that makes the gadgets easy to use, is a crucial part of setting Apple products apart from those of its rivals’

Stocks fall as rating agencies knock euro deal - AP

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Fitch Ratings said the region will face ‘a significant economic downturn’

After Euro deal, investors brace for big moves - AP

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All eyes are now on the European Central Bank

UK Treasury chief defends Cameron's EU treaty veto - AP

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Emboldened by Cameron’s move, Conservatives stepped up calls for a full re-negotiation of Britain’s position in the EU